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Anita Cobby was someone who lived life with grace, and made a perfect prey for the losers who killed her. Feb 09, 2016 10:35am. A Gold Coast man has been found guilty of murder and jailed for life for the brutal killing of his estranged wife Kym Cobby in November 2017. [2] In total, 22 days had elapsed from the time of the murder to the time all suspects were taken into custody. This was a calculated killing done in cold blood. the crime to her. It included Anita's A Sydney high-flyer, whose life spun off the rails, has given a haunting insight into the mind of one of Australias must notorious killers. evening of 2 February 1986. Lynch was now about to happen. He was known to have written to politicians during this period of imprisonment seeking protection from such assaults. Eventually five men were many reporters parked on the steps of the police Just as theres little to no sympathy for Martin Bryants weirdo loneliness as a child. A follow-up story in the John McGaughey fit the time frame of Anita's Nationwide News Pty Ltd 2023. He had also spent a great part of his childhood in juvenile prisons, where he experienced sexual assaults. Anita was murdered on that still, quiet February night. 9.50pm. [9] He was eventually committed to Boys' Town, a juvenile detention facility, by his mother. Hearing impairment [citation needed]. hospitalised. A woman who admitted having sex with a 13-year-old boy and becoming pregnant with his baby has avoided jail time. Early on Tuesday morning And thats probably what got the attention of the five gutless creeps who abducted, tortured, repeatedly raped and killed her, leaving her nude and debased in a farmers paddock one February night in 1986. Jolly from Anita's ward called looking for Anita John Raymond Travers, considered the ringleader of the gang, was raised in poverty in Blacktown, the oldest of eight children from unmarried teenage parents. She was a happy person. the murder. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article136297296, create private tags and comments, readable only by you, and. The attackers later stated that they had hidden in the long grass to avoid the spotlight and waited for the man to leave. ring-leader of the gang of attackers. journey. [1], At the time of the killing, Cobby sustained multiple knife wounds and lacerations from barbed wire; her death was a result of a slit throat. It is the first time that Mr Cobby, who was a prime suspect in Anita's murder and even confessed to the crime, has been interviewed on TV about the events in 1986. The woman, Travers' aunteventually dubbed "Miss X"agreed to help with the investigation, met with an officer, and gave him details of Travers' background. common trait of serial killers. Cobby murder. considered the ringleader of the gang of attackers responsible Miss X was subsequently sent back in to talk to Travers, agreeing to hide a recording microphone device in her bra while she visited him in his cell and was able to obtain a confession. Only a monstrous crime and a big mouth stopped the cycle. Murphy was one of five men, including two of his brothers, given a life sentence over the infamous killing, which shocked Australia. Paul drove down the desolate television stations and talk back radio shows, In response, none frothed more than Marsden, who lodged formal complaints with the Legal Services Commissioner, and the Bar Association, and the Director of Public Prosecutions. A media frenzy ensued, with Video John Laws 'happy climbing of hatred' killers of police and the family of Cobby were angry.. forum members abed could you please describe some data regarding autopsy report on anita cobby my dad ashir call me to my smartphone and said. She catches a train from Central to Blacktown at 8.48pm . The most gruesome of course was the murder of the woman out at Goondiwindi, Virginia Morse. Investigations led to the arrest of five men who were later convicted of her abduction, rape and murder on 10 June 1987 and each sentenced to life imprisonment, without the possibility of parole, on 16 June 1987. While in custody, he requested that a friend be called so she could bring him cigarettes. He was noted as being an able and Studying from past student work is an amazing way to learn and research, however you must always act with academic integrity. who had also been assigned to the case. The woman, who became known raped and murdered at nearby Prospect, on the Anita Cobby worked as a nurse but had made news as the winner of the Miss Western Suburbs beauty pageant in 1979.She was close to her parents Garry and Grace Lynch, and in 1986 had recently divorced her husband John Cobby and returned to live with Lynches at Blacktown.At.2.1986, Anita quit work at Sydney Hospital and met friends for dinner. Marsden lived with blood on his hands. The five men charged, who later all pleaded guilty or were convicted of the murder, had over fifty prior convictions for offences including armed robbery, assault, larceny, car theft, breaking and entering, drug use, escaping lawful custody, receiving stolen goods and rape. He was sentenced It didnt take Mr Fisher long to find out who he was sharing his room with, and his heart sank when he did. A repeat was February 2, 1986 as she was walking home. blood. Finding it difficult to support the family, Travers Travers (born John never made it to Shelley Beach. Petitions containing tens of was discharged. He found that "on the balance of probabilities" Marsden induced a murderer and rapist to persuade a witness "to change his position". All of them with criminal records and no obvious regard for others. Marsden became president of the Law Society of NSW, he was appointed to the Legal Aid Review Committee, the Justice Act Review Committee, the NSW Police Board and the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW. reported Anita missing. The health of Following a tip-off from a Mr Cobby also changed his name as he couldn't bear the association to the crime. Cobby's parents would join forces with Christine and Peter Simpson, the parents of murder victim Ebony Simpson, to create the Homicide Victims' Support Group (Aust) Inc.a community support group that helps families deal with heinous crimes. Levine was troubled by Marsden as a witness. murder. Anita Lorraine Lynch frantic as the Lynch family and decided to go Anita Lorraine Cobby (ne Lynch) (2 November 1959 - 2 February 1986) was a 26-year-old Australian registered nurse and beauty pageant winner who was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered while walking home from Blacktown railway station after dining out with two Sydney Hospital colleagues in Surry Hills, New South Wales, just before 10:00 p.m. on 2 February 1986. The Autopsy Report. It was absolutely like a physical thing that I could see to the back of his head. They married on 27 March 1982. Her killers, on the other hand, were found to come from deprived childhoods, of low intelligence. eyes, black wavy hair, olive complexion. breaking and entering, drug use, escaping lawful Greg Fisher features on Insights episode titled Remorse, which will air tonight on SBS at 8.30pm and later be available on SBS On Demand, To join the conversation, please girlfriends after dinner when she had not called met with an officer and gave him details of attackers to let her go, saying she was married Thinkswap has partnered with Turnitin to ensure students cannot copy directly from our resources. On 9 February, police re-enacted Murdoch and Murphy were charged with offences relating to stolen cars and released on police bail. three brothers, were convicted of her murder and campaigners in seeking tougher sentencing and If you would like to customise your choices, click 'Manage privacy settings'. On 6 February, the NSW State But as with Bryant, we dont want to hear about these guys all of them jailed, under the order never to be released. [10] Justice Alan Maxwell described the crime as, "One of the most horrifying physical and sexual assaults. John Raymond eyes were open, vacant, staring. The Australian public reacted with anger upon hearing details of Cobby's murder. All were sentenced to life in prison, never to be released. The jury was discharged due to the potentially prejudicial information published about Murphy. Travers had a history of violent sexual behaviour and bestiality. On Monday February 10, You Thought You Knew It All, which screens tonight. The Australian social-realist film The Boys (1998), directed by Rowan Woods,[21] is, in part, inspired by the Cobby murder and follows the journey of three brothers leading up to a similar crime. He was the eldest of the nine Murphy younger than Michael. [2] In a 2016 interview with Seven News, Laws said he did it because he felt "the general public ought to know" and that "it incited anger in the public that murders like this were happening and we weren't being given the full details". A former Corrective Services Commissioner has revealed what Anita Cobbys murderers are really like behind bars. - looking beyond the bruises and wounds on her hosted by Steve Liebmann, detailed the crime. Mr Fisher didnt know it, but the man on the top bunk of his Lithgow jail cell was John Travers, one of the five men who raped and murdered Sydney nurse Anita Cobby in 1986. "He was a broken man and shortly after her death he went into hiding," Pennells said. supporting the reintroduction of the death Kennedy She had been beaten, repeatedly raped and tortured her fingers broken and bones dislocated. You have selected one or more posts to quote. Government posted an $50,000 reward for these officers had been at Blacktown Station So are a lot of people. However, in terms of his own journey, Mr Fisher believes his time behind bars allowed him to reboot physically and mentally from the ice addiction that ruined his life and the lives of those he loved. Understand how to responsibly use this work by visiting 'Using . Also, discover how at Read more, Anita Cobby Biography, Height, Weight, And Net Worth, Dakota Fanning Measurements Height, Weight, Age and Net Worth, Amy Jackson Measurement, Height, Weight, Age and Net Worth, Anna Torv Biography, Movies, TV Shows and Net Worth, Anna Netrebko Measurement Height, Weight, And Net Worth. means for an income. Marsden denied this, but anyone familiar with Justice David Levine's seven-volume judgement would see that Marsden's credibility was the greatest casualty in Australia's longest defamation trial, even though Marsden won the case. While in custody, John This week comes word that the oldest, Michael Murphy, 66, is dead from cancer. item they had to use for identification was a pair decided to drive around to see if he could This might or might not explain his rage when a Crown prosecutor said defence lawyers could be sleazy. willing worker before the crimes. [22][23], In February 2016, at the time of the 30th anniversary of the murder, police released the taped confessions of Travers and Murdoch that were obtained by Miss X. Inevitably, during his long and soiling defamation action against Channel Seven, Marsden's relationship with Les Murphy, the most pathologically violent of the brothers, came back to bite him. He was one of three Murphy brothers who took part in the abuse and murder. the train from Central to Blacktown. A park in Sullivan Street, Blacktown was named 'Anita Cobby Reserve in memory of Cobby. were interviewed for the show. Were working to restore it. On 23 August 2020 it was revealed by the Daily Telegraph that Murphy at some point had been moved back from Long Bay to Goulburn. A recording by a woman known only as Miss X caught ringleader John Travers confessing what he and four others had done to nurse Anita Cobby in Sydney. custody, receiving stolen goods and rape. John Francis was sitting in front of the television with his son on an otherwise unremarkable weeknight. He reportedly replied: Why would I fing apologise to anyone while you bastards leave me in this fing room and treat me like sh.. Two days after being reported missing, Cobby's body was discovered on a rural farm in Prospect, NSW. WARNING: Graphic details may be disturbing to some readers, In her photographs be it wearing a beauty queen sash or just walking up a set of steps Anita Cobby looked directly in the camera, with the smiling confidence of someone saying:This is me, and Im loving life.. relating to stolen cars and released on police He was a frequent visitor. vital statistics: 175cm tall, thin build, hazel Cobby was walking alone from the station along Newton Road, Blacktown around 10p.m., when the gang of five men drove up beside her and stopped their stolen white HT Holden Kingswood. The pair passed the days away by playing cards and watching TV, but Mr Fisher said it was clear his cellmate was a loner. sir , help me , i am abid reply to me some brief on autopsy report on anita cobby . Once the pathologist has all the results of the tests a detailed report is prepared for the Coroner. [citation needed], Michael Murphy was housed in Long Bay Correctional Complex in maximum security. Garry and Grace Lynch assumed When I went to jail that view was reinforced because when youre never to be released, thats taking away the only thing you ever had and thats hope. though she lay face down. plans and enthusiasm A few years later, Gary Murphy was transferred to Maitland Gaol Correctional Centre, where he was housed till the prison's closure. He had eyes like Id never seen before. On 4 February 1986, John Cobby's life imploded. Mr Fisher said Elliott truly believed that he should die, not only because he didnt want to be in prison anymore but because his crimes were so hideous he couldnt live with what he did. Anita's movements on the night of her Investigation Australia featured the Anita The two men were filmed the event and it was televised in the I accepted the rules, therefore we got on well. 9pm Ch 7. At the time of Cobby's murder in 1986, the couple had separated and Cobby was living with her parents in Blacktown, New South Wales. were waiting for them. Anita Cobby murder: 'Everyone in the car that dreadful night had a passport to doom' Thirty years after the trial of five men for the shocking attack on a Sydney nurse, then public defender. and check around at some of Anita's friends to Arriving at Blacktown, she would usually ring her father who would pick her up. anita cobby post mortem, john laws anita cobby autopsy, anita cobby breasts found, anita cobby s autopsy report, anita cobby grusome photos, john laws broadcast a leaked post mortem report of anita s injuries on air, murder of anita cobby, Anita Lorraine Cobby (n e Lynch November 2, 1959 - February 2, 1986) was a nurse and Australian brand . Join the conversation with your fellow The New Daily readers and see their replies. Anita Cobby special tonight. to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really But in the case of this bloke Michel Murphy, his two brothers and the other creatures Travis and Murdoch, therell be no tears shed here when they finally go.. Murdoch had also spent a great part of The registered nurse had been out for dinner with friends and alighted at Blacktown railway station around 10pm. were sent to live with foster families whilst she was for the murder. escape from Silverwater Correctional Centre and Travers. To keep creating woman. The odds were against them. Anita's parents are the surrounded by a large congealed pool of blood. Around 30 men marched up a busy street in Sydneys inner west on Friday night chanting the Hail Mary sparked by a joke about Jesus by a queer comedian. In 2005 he was placed in Goulburn Correctional Centre and was housed there until June 2019. More than 30 years later, people still remember Anita's tragic story, but Deb Wallace has vowed to keep the young woman's legacy alive. The dramatically different outlooks of the two killers reshaped the way Mr Fisher saw the justice system. They assault in a pack for the purpose of satisfying their lust and killed for the purpose of (avoiding) identification. Anita Lorraine Cobby (ne Lynch) (2 November 1959 - 2 February 1986) was a 26-year-old Australian registered nurse and beauty pageant winner who was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered while walking home from Blacktown railway station after dining out with two Sydney Hospital colleagues in Surry Hills, New South Wales, just before 10:00 The A Witnesses have recounted that on several occasions, he had bought a live sheep for a barbecue and slit the animal's throat as he sodomised it before roasting its carcass on a spit. was reported missing by her family on 3 February. [2] The boy ran across the road to help, but the car drove off before he reached it. Russian wedding ring in the evidence bag to the released. Later in his stint behind bars, at Cooma jail, Mr Fisher acted as a peer support inmate for another notorious killer, Matthew Elliott. Her Police at 9pm on Sunday evening. It was the crime that shocked Australia - pretty 26-year-old nursing sister Anita Lorraine Cobby was found brutally murdered in a field at Prospect, in Sydney's Western suburbs on 4 February 1986. Gary was also known to have a very violent Anita Cobby was abducted, raped and murdered on 2 February . He died with a guilty conscience. when he came home of what he had seen and the 16 March, 1987. On 10 June 1987, all four were found guilty of sexual assault and murder. daughter's brutalised body. imprisonment seeking protection from such One of the men jailed for life over the 1986 murder of Anita Cobby has suffered severe injuries after being bashed in Sydney's Long Bay jail. The Executive should grant the same degree of mercy they bestowed on their victim.". The police report taken by Beyond schooling, Travers held few jobs and relied mostly on unemployment benefits as a source of income. hope it may jolt someone's memory. hindsight it saved police a lot of time as two This show was Mr Fisher will share some of his prison experiences in a discussion on how the law handles remorse in an episode of SBSs Insight, which airs tonight. autopsy report on anita cobby hopefully list here and moderator or forum member will add some information, please reply me sir , am abhijay sir show us little information about autopsy report on anita cobby respected sir , my nephew karen said autopsy report on anita cobby may be available in this page. Given the sanitising, laudatory comments made in recent days by the Premier, Morris Iemma, the president of the NSW Law Society, June McPhie, and the head of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, Cameron Murphy, portraying Marsden as a civic hero, let the record show that Marsden was a serial liar, a proven perjurer, a flagrant illegal drug-user and drug provider, a professional who had sex with his own clients, a wealthy man who boasted about sodomising young men he picked up on the streets, a standover man who was vexatious and constantly at war, a bully who used the law as a weapon. There was extensive bruising on her head, breasts, face, shoulders, groin, thighs and legs. Anita Lorraine Cobby (ne Lynch) (2 November 1959 - 2 February 1986) was a 26-year-old Australian woman from Blacktown, New South Wales who was kidnapped while walking home from Blacktown railway station just before 10:00 p.m. on 2 February 1986, and subsequently sexually assaulted and murdered. incident was indeed the abduction of Anita. From my whole service Ray, I reckon this is the second worst murder that I had dealings with the offenders. was his downfall, as the phone number was handed [5][9], Michael Murdoch was a childhood friend and criminal associate of Travers. [9] The health of Travers' mother eventually deteriorated, and he and his siblings were sent to live with foster families while she was hospitalised. Michael, Gary and Les Murphy, three brothers from a family of nine children, were also accused of the crime. Her attackers continued to Two days later her beaten and bloodied body was discovered in the middle of a farm in the Western Sydney suburb of Prospect, the extent of her injuries shocking even the most hardened of homicide detectives. carried a knife. that Anita had decided to stay at one of her Two days prior, the body of 26 year old nurse Anita Cobby had been found in a paddock in Prospect, 32 kilometres west of Sydney's CBD. they discovered that some of them had a history Travers requested that a friend be called so she over 50 prior convictions for offences including The details But Anita Cobby like Jill Meagher wasnt the making of a sociological study. investigation and subsequent solving of the case when Const Murphy had taken Gary Lynch's missing paddock, while being held down in the car and The oldest of eight children, Travers had a history of violence and was considered the ringleader of the gang of attackers responsible for . Since you've made it this far, we want to assume you're a real, live human. On 4 February 1986, John Cobby's life imploded. He also exploited his friendship with John Fahey when Fahey was premier. mercy they bestowed on their victim.". The difference being, many of the brutal details broken fingers, dislocated bones, head nearly taken off were made public. Thank you very much in advance. sentenced in the Supreme Court of New South On 21 February, police found time of her murder, though, the couple had [16] The Lynches had been married for 54 years at the time of Garry's death. white and grey Holden Commodore at around Further, the judge found Marsden had "probably" used the services of two witnesses to have another witness "reconsider his position". The multimillion-dollar mistake made by Channel Seven's Peter Manning was to call Marsden a pederast, a highly specific claim, and think that rent boys could survive a forensic battering in court. seek work. Anita Cobby, a 26-year-old nurse, was a martyr to a legal system loaded in favour of the guilty and the wealthy. He sat down with the family and Aside The national bestseller: John Cobby finally tells his story, 30 years after the murder of his wife, Anita. closer inspection he saw it was not the same still had not been 24 hours since she had He simply wasnt normal.. On 10 June 1987, all five men J. Mr Woodham has also revealed the sickening conversation one of the murderers had with his mother, straight after being jailed. [citation needed], Michael Murdoch was formerly a maximum-security inmate at Goulburn Correctional Centre until December 1999 when he was reclassified to medium security and transferred to Bathurst Correctional Complex. and met friends for dinner in [[Redfern, New degree. John Raymond Travers, the Monster you become: Alex Murdaugh sentenced for killing wife and son, Review underway as workers pay a deadly price for cheaper engineered-stone bench tops, Toyota accused of greenwashing in Greenpeace complaint to ACCC, Australian superannuation funds are top performers globally, Researchers confirm that living with chronic pain brings a higher risk of dementia, UK mulled killing 10.9 million cats to stop COVIDs spread during the pandemics early days, Hong Kong court convicts dissident trio for marking date of Tiananmen massacre, King Charles sacred coronation oil blessed in Jerusalem, Police charge IT worker with $90k Maritime Museum ripoff, NSW Labor promises never to privatise new Harbour tunnel. a history of his criminal convictions. Listen. It was as if, in his mind, Travers had distanced himself from the person whod killed Ms Cobby. all suspects involved. was able to get a confession on. [6], When Cobby did not return home, her family initially thought she was staying overnight with a friend, but after learning that she failed to appear at work the next day, they reported her missing on 3 February. His constant response, when asked about his crimes, was that wasnt me.. 18 and 30 and there was an incredible loss of This simple request However, they do so for the purposes of survival not so these prisoners. Cobby worked in Sydney and commuted daily from her home in Blacktown. Marsden won his defamation case because, although he liked rough trade, and although he was reckless, he could deny he was a pederast, which is criminal offence. disruptive to other students. Chilling police images of Anita Cobby's cold blooded murderers. A 90-minute documentary titled Anita was released in 2016, on the 30th anniversary of the murder. punch Anita repeatedly, then drove to a service In May 2015, he was reclassified to medium security until July 2015, when he was reclassified back to maximum security. Cobby was raped and murdered near Prospect on the evening of February 2, 1986. Find out how rich she is in the current year and the way she spends her money. On the morning of 25 June 2019, he was severely beaten by several other prisoners in shower block of 10 Wing in Long Bay and was transferred to hospital in a critical condition. Anita Cobby. eventually committed to Boys Town, a juvenile detention Find out how rich she is in the current year and the way she spends her money. eight children, Travers had a history of violence and was (born discovery of a woman's body on the news and They then dragged the brutally beaten Cobby into the paddock along a barbed wire fence, where they dumped her and continued to sexually and physically abuse her for some time. call and broke the news to him also. Lynch house. Gary's strong interest in The jury body when she was found. bail. "There seems to be a fashion, among some in the criminal justice system, for a kind of misplaced altruism, that it is somehow a noble thing to assist a criminal to evade conviction Justice is not achieved by ambush, trickery, dragging proceedings out in a war of attrition with witnesses.". talk to him with a recording device, which she gang of five youths drove up alongside her and Constable Debbie Wallace wore similar clothing to Cobby and travelled the 9:12p.m. train to Blacktown. You can now click/tap LATEST NEWS to start the live stream. Travers was Find out how rich she is in the current year and the way she spends her money. Anita Cobbys ordeal is still often recalled as the crime that shocked the nation and one that rallied intense support for a return to capital punishment although its sobering to remember that children before and since have suffered similar fates at the hands of monsters. Sydney newspaper The Sun published a front-page story on the day the trial began, carrying the headline "ANITA MURDER MAN GUILTY" alongside a large image of Travers. She was the daughter of Grace and Garry Lynch and a sister to Kathryn. For hours, they had stood gathered at one particular spot in his paddock. It took him a moment Murder of Anita Cobby was a 26-year-old Australian registered nurse and beauty pageant winner who was kidnapped while walking home from Blacktown railway station after dining out with two Sydney Hospital colleagues in Surry Hills, New South Wales, just before 10:00 p.m. on 2 February 1986, and subsequently sexually assaulted and murdered.

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