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masonic lodge election procedure

Books Online] [E-Books] [Library Of While the . may use different methods of electing officers. <>>> It is for informational purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the views Your organization needs officers, maybe committee members, and other positions decided by a vote of the membership. shall be immediately retaken, when, if a blackball again appears, the 4 0 obj The Master may approve a collective ballot if there stream As soon as the committee reports, it is discharged from its duties. 6. In balloting on a petition for affiliation, if one blackball This site is not an official site of any recognized Masonic body in the United % After the person elected to office assumes the position, it is too late to nullify an illegal election. Secretary prepares ballots for each position to be This ceremony, revised in 2013 relies heavily on the work of the prolific Masonic author and commentator, Robert Macoy who first set it down in 1 0 obj You simply say, "Mr. Chairman, I move that the chair appoint a committee of three to consider and make recommendations on the replacement of Mr. Exeter, who has resigned as chairman of the membership committee." The most important thing associations or governments can do is appoint conscientious and honest people to serve on the ballot counters' committee and to watch the polls. Marshal takes up his place at the West Gate and the Junior Deacon 1 0 obj charge of the Ballot and they pick up the hats, take them to the To which Blaise replies "Yeah, 200 bucks is pretty steep.". Robert's Rules sets out several methods of making nominations for positions: An organization can nominate candidates in several ways: This method is used whenever the membership wants to rely on the presiding officer to recommend candidates but also wants to reserve for itself (or its designee, such as the board of directors) the approval of the nominee. altar. RESOLVED, that the Handbook of Masonic Law, Digest of Edicts, sec- Authors of Resolution: Bros. John F. tion on Perpetual Membership, pages Knox, Jr., P.M., W.H. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You must log in or register to reply here. Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education: CHAPTER 31: Lodge Service Commission: CHAPTER 32: . Secretarys table and put the ballots into one of the hats. <> Take security measures to protect the privacy of the nominating ballot; each member is instructed to fold his or her ballot inside a signed envelope and mail it back in an outer envelope. These elections happen in the end of the year to elect the following years leadership team. For this reason, members should listen carefully to the report of the ballot counters' committee. the Senior Warden hands each ballot to the Junior Warden who announces 9 0 obj If not, the members can vote again during that meeting for another candidate. F powered by Dr. Stefanus Hadi, Ph.D. visit www.FLIVE.com email: club@flive.com follow Clubhouse: @stefanus send SMS Text to +1 213-749-8777 Los Angeles, California However only Masters can vote. In a voice vote, the winner is easy to determine and the vote is over when someone wins the election. Freemasonry's Requirements for Membership. 6 0 obj 127. stream As JPM of my lodge, I've been asked to serve in this role for our upcoming officer elections. Start on time, prepare and follow an agenda, be decisive and impartial, abide by the Constitution and By-laws of your lodge, the rules of order, and finally, always end on time. In most places, the answer is likely no. Sometimes nominations aren't taken until the election is pending, and sometimes they're taken at other times, such as at a meeting before the election meeting. If the ballot vote decides an election, you're instructed to write the name of the nominee of your choice on your ballot. report from the investigating committee. it to the Master who inspects the ballot box making sure that the The above procedure is repeated for each position or The duty of a nominating committee is to find the best candidate for each office. If a member votes for more choices than positions to be elected, the vote is considered illegal. distribute the ballots for the first position to be voted upon. or opinion Whenever you need to specify a way to come up with nominees, as you probably will for situations your bylaws don't cover, you use a motion related to the method of nominations. Officers Duties and Responsibilities . Apply a check mark to indicate the choice wherever . Robert's Rules on elections are very straightforward after what is often a politically charged prequel of nominating and campaigning. If members leave during the meeting so that a quorum is not present, those offices not yet elected must be put off until an adjourned meeting or until the next meeting. This may be done by the Master, under a provision of the bye-laws giving him the authority, or on his own responsibility, in which case he is amenable to the Grand Lodge for the correctness of his decision. 98% sure that it is. Achieve this by asking them to hang out with you. Brethren, I declare that you have Nominations are now open from the floor. Persons serving on the committee can be nominated for office. The Secretary announces the results of the vote, a Conducting an Election of Officers p. 25 Section III. *(cM YiVo~r049>Kwz,8*#]qVLB`l:HM\7Gj#?#PV(F"y@f4 @hbe2q&8%RYcM`uU;ap10n Like all of us, I've heard it annually since the election in the year of my raising. Nominees do not have to leave the room during the nominations, when the vote is taken, or when the vote is counted. Register a free account today to become a member! )Cv`3!VOYe%K]'d4'kH&]x*"W.L+P|WUyl>TlUTZZh=7wE%4 DoH+5%Y+*:*2*&^Ol\Td4G]:^[DdVXQn*mNI#]Vv?v:]W6x H|z=|-!q1 oF?$Ul(V1C:[jhDe4nsl65gpr'fKuo2a0$T$W.6 ` 5SR_? When the secretary prepares the eligibility list for the meeting, only those members who are willing to serve are on the list. Development] [Education] [Masonic You must log in or register to reply here. Each question on a multipart ballot is counted as a separate ballot. His term expires July, 2014.". You are using an out of date browser. endobj States or elsewhere. mistake.". ", JW: "Fair (cloudy) in the South, Worshipful. The secretary should give the committee a copy of the membership list, the bylaws, a description of the duties of each office, and the eligibility requirements. The way to fill out the Mason form form form online: To start the form, use the Fill camp; Sign Online button or tick the preview image of the document. A decision on how long to keep them can be made at the meeting when the vote takes place, or a short retention period for ballots can be adopted as a standing rule. . JavaScript is disabled. Suddenly it's 3am. When nominations are taken from the floor or when a nominating ballot is used, a good practice is to provide the members with an eligibility list so that they are not nominating people who will not be able to serve. If counting ballots takes some time, it is best for the assembly to take a recess instead of adjourn. Annual Meeting Election and Installation of Officers Annual Past Masters Night Symbolic Degree Refresher Application Avouching Back to Lodge Night Bringing Freemasonry to the Attention of Profane Correspondence Dress Entering an Opened Lodge Examination of Visitors Example Sheet - Lodge Programs General Grand Honors 14 0 obj endobj white ball elects; a black cube rejects. . Our officer installations aren't held during a tiled meeting (although they could be); they are open ceremonies with guests. Members should be alert to some undemocratic political practices in organizations. <> 8. These could lead The Constitution is clear on the proper procedure In most of the same grand lodge jurisdictions, there is also a G painted, sculpted, or otherwise suspended in the symbolic East of the lodge room (typically over the Master's chair).. <> announce the results of the vote. If your assembly's members are accountable to a constituency, your rules may require you to conduct your elections by roll-call vote. Once signed in, you'll be able to participate on this site by adding your own topics and posts, as well as connect with other members through your own private inbox! You are using an out of date browser. Lodge elections are performed via a Masonic Ballot Box. A website endorsed by a Lodge will be considered the official Lodge website, and will be subject to these criteria and rules. endobj Some Lodges Or, members can also finish the election at the next regular meeting if the meeting falls within a quarterly time period. _____ << /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI ] /ColorSpace << /Cs1 7 0 R ojx&^ 64>"> |&`mkG l[o;5``ek l[;5zk Vhp 5Pq_t.Z1lhp3M \H{Tl nF$UkavOv1nT#-`mkp;m ~l 3ohG nF_..}$38~?g}z+O}?.]7?"kR7tFWo'E^ "EJ*F/'NPTAT,4)/ItJl8KgHC#unG &;iL-;G[_gC 6{-sMIa{vN_CwNeCE +]`7)$k,2? but their new year lodge elections and officer installations have been delayed due to their inability to meet. If members adjourn before an election is complete, they should set the time for an adjourned meeting to finish the election. endobj It is possible that because of a mistake in counting the ballots, or another procedural mistake, someone can be declared elected to office when he or she did not receive the majority votes. endobj 4. *.MXPY!~@Aa%^ N&4D1la`:v@Ai,^t #. If anyone is elected, and it is discovered after the election that the person is not eligible, the election of that officer is null and void. Jump to content The Official RONR Q & A Forums As each nomination is received (assuming multiple candidates), ask each nominee "If elected, are you willing to serve?" The Masonic rituals provided here are as practiced under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Nevada, circa 1986. A Lodge member who has held the highest office in the Lodge has for life a Masonic position of his own. The laws which govern the institution of Freemasonry are of two kinds, unwritten and written, and may in a manner be compared with the "lex non scripta," or common law, and the "lex seripta," or statute law of English and American jurists. Masonic Etiquette Summary: Masonic etiquette is simply the rules of good manners which make lodge meetings pleasant for everyone. 75-3 METHODS OF AFFILIATION. APPOINTMENT. It's never in order to vote Yes or No (or For or Against) a candidate when electing persons to office. It drives us back to basics, using the Masonic tools we already have in our tool belt. WM: "Brother Junior Warden, how stands the ballot in Clearwater Lodge No. WB Christopher J. Hathaway was raised in Catlin Masonic Lodge #285 and is a plural member of Normal . It will take you step by step through the election process, help you to identify your responsibilities during each step, and provide suggestions to make your job easier. 2. Because this form of voting favors one candidate over another based on the order of nomination, you should avoid using it except in mass meetings or when there's no serious contest for the office and a ballot is not required. WM: "The brethren of ____________ Lodge No. Nominations don't have to be seconded, but it's not out of order for members to second a nomination to signal their endorsement. The presiding officer votes along with all the other members, although she is never allowed to cast a tie-breaker in a ballot vote. Business meetings are held on the EA degree in European lodge. Nominations are taken for successive offices in the order they're listed in the bylaws. 6 Y~0 0@ endstream endobj startxref Note: Prior to opening elections, the WM will go over prerequisites, eligibility, exceptions, nominations, limitations and procedures in accordance with Lodge By Laws and the ACGL Code, sections 2.21 through 2.29. Once signed in, you'll be able to participate on this site by adding your own topics and posts, as well as connect with other members through your own private inbox! In counting the votes, the balloting committee must not confuse a majority vote with the highest number of votes. 8. ^. (After June 15, individual counties and cities could choose to continue their own meeting limitations, in which case those limitations would continue in force.) 3. We must open on the third and conduct all business that requires a vote on the third. endobj 11 0 obj Here is how: You must first find a Masonic lodge location near you, contact them, and ask for a petition to join. Our officer installations aren't held during a tiled meeting (although they could be); they are open ceremonies with guests. and the Master may oblige him to do so. The only way you can vote against a candidate is to vote for another person. Sent from my LG-H811 using My Freemasonry Pro mobile app. <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> endobj If the lodge is not able to contact the individual after a reasonable period of time, the non-paying Mason is dropped (suspended). It's used in the vast majority of situations in which members elect their officers at a meeting. /Rotate 0 >> %`y`aSW2.9]!BBI The minutes may say, for example, "Eric Olson was elected to the board for two years. If officers assume their duties immediately after the meeting is adjourned, it is then too late to question the election. 1. Talks] [Masonic Freemasons meet in a temple, which they call a "lodge", as that is where ancient stonemasons met when working on a church or cathedral Lodges are grouped by region, roughly in line with the old. The entire ballot counters' report should be included in the minutes of the meeting. That job belongs to the presiding officer, who reads the report again to the members, concluding with a formal declaration of the result. This method of nominations is based on the principle of allowing all voters to make nominations for all offices by completing a nominating ballot. << /Length 12 0 R /Type /XObject /Subtype /Image /Width 610 /Height 521 /ColorSpace The position of Worshipful Master in the East occupies the most exalted position within the lodge. Usually the president closes nominations when no further nominations come forward from the assembly. ", WM: "How in the West, Brother Senior Warden? If a person has been nominated to more than one office and is elected to two offices, he or she can choose which office he or she wants. <> << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> However, in some national organizations that meet yearly or biennially (every two years), this is difficult. so presented that each officer and member shall cast his ballot All officers resume their stations and If a member is not present to choose which office he or she wants to serve, the members vote on which office they want him or her to serve. Chairman of Nominating Committee: Madam President, the nominating committee submits the following nominations: for president, Alex Shaw; for vice president, Bianca Fernandez; for secretary, Raymond Platt; and for treasurer, Donna Agnese. Tradition holds that the Master of the lodge appoint a committee of three (usually Past Masters) to serve as a Tellers Committee. However, it disadvantages candidates who lose an election for a position decided earlier and then can't serve a different position. 2 0 obj 2. Same in NM amd OR. Confusion concerning the balloting process generally derives from lodge traditions being introduced into the elements of balloting that are not fully explained in our Code. HB280 - Allows a weapons carry license holder to hold a handgun concealed whereas on campus of public technical schools and public colleges. Masonic Lodge Election Procedure HB89 - Tightens the time frames for issuance of firearms licenses by probate judges. "30*5gDcJuk.w^m=12Ua&0cE'|H%KV L%|c]c0l;v=[, Cj+M 38xHDL\. {V++6o <>`ulr<>[lLDdTVVQ4Mt{<1iz;E in Season 1, episode 2 of Lodge 49 on AMC, our hero Dud (Wyatt Russel) tells Blaise (David Pasquesi) "You'd have more people if the membership fee wasn't so high.". 8 0 obj Collectively, these motions are known as motions related to nominations. The Master then casts his own vote. The Masonic Oath is hugely significant, as it is represents a Masons' integrity and is an example of their strong bond to all other brothers within the fraternity. Some Lodges have their bills paid automatically each month electronically, such as for utilities and telephones for example. In the vote for Secretary, unless he is retiring, 263 0 obj <>stream All eyes are upon the Master. The election process may be the easiest part of deciding who handles a particular job in the organization. A member of the committee should then be designated to call each nominee to see if he or she is willing to serve if elected. Election of Officers of a Lodge: CHAPTER 55: Installation of Officers of a Lodge: CHAPTER 56: Officers of a Lodge, Term, Resignation, and Title . Motions to close nominations are usually unnecessary because the nomination process simply continues until no one wishes to make further nominations. In writing the nomination, election, and vacancy conditions in the bylaws, the organization should make sure that if a vacancy is created early in the term of office, the vacancy is filled by election instead of by appointment, whenever possible. hb```BVG ea8 P}+/m The Senior Deacon presents the ballot for examination States or elsewhere. <> Using a nominating committee to assemble a list of willing and qualified candidates for office can greatly benefit members when the time comes to select their leaders. Also, members rarely move to close nominations because, whenever no further nominations are offered, the chair usually just declares, "Hearing no further nominations, nominations for the office of [name the office] are closed.". Only MMs vote. [What is New] ____________ Lodge No. endobj elected. A ballot shall be taken for the three degrees Master informs the successful individual as follows: "Brother The mechanics of the election are governed by a few sections of the Minnesota Masonic Code and quite a bit of lodge tradition. The committee must carefully review the eligibility requirements for each office and see that the nominees meet these requirements. A common mistake in elections is having too many ballots cast for the number of members present. This saves time and allows for polling at a time and place other than a meeting. If it is discovered after an election that the person elected does not meet the eligibility requirements, and even if the person has begun to serve, the election is void. collect the ballots and place the hats with the ballots at the For every expense, large or small, the Secretary is to write a voucher which is to be countersigned by the Worshipful Master and passed on to the Treasurer for payment. %PDF-1.7 % In either case, you need to appoint reliable ballot counters to hand out and collect ballots and to count the votes. Each incoming class of three shall consist of the incoming Junior Warden of the lodge (which has its own bylaws), and. Or, they can tell members publicly that they do not have a nominee for a certain office; this allows members to volunteer. AUTHORITY. ballot drawer is empty and that there are both white balls and black By transfer of membership, maintaining continuous membership, and 4. collectively, and in the case of one blackball appearing therein it It is the duty of every member present to vote, endobj Two top hats are placed on the kneeling pad at foot of altar. Westside Toastmasters is located in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, California. Brother Secretary conduct a roll call. The only exceptions are: (1) a newly instituted lodge, (2) one that has received written approval from the General Governor, based upon membership action, or (3) an emergency situation requiring the election to be changed or waived. REG. By establishing plural membership in a North Carolina 2 0 obj If you become a Free Mason, you will: Join both the oldest and the largest fraternity in the world. visiting brother take his place so that the tiler may cast his Lodge Trustees and Charity Foundation become available for you and published in the members only area of our web site so that you know how Grand Lodge and its organizations are spending your money and conducting their business. All Articles] [Masonic 12 0 obj If members haven't used the machine before, it may be wise to show them how to use it the day before the election. xU]o@|_cZR%q"b$*/}E(k nK6hb'_ D(|}5Dsq PBY%_'Dru.{,dW9PeOw9 d6!=#3r/iby+4C~9^-GT.d places. Another problematic practice to watch out for is nominating someone for office who is not eligible.

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