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I was also glad Poppy won. It's been quite a year for himgetting married, a new baby, and now this award. Sounds like it wasn't a raft so much as a boat with other refugees. Conant informed the contestant that "it's not necessarily a matter of taste," and that she can't "talk [her] way around it." The cash prizes from Chopped are far more generous than on other popular cooking competitions like The Great British Bake Off. There was a repeat I saw recently with a contestant who had a serious shellfish allergy. She hailed from Hattiesburg, Mississippi but worked in Brooklyn, New York. All Conant could do was watch with concern as the chef prepared the dish, foolishly ignoring the critique he'd just been given. Reality TV stars can be a breed unto themselves, but somehow they seem to get worse when those reality TV participants are cooks and chefs. Bulma said for all of them. Ultimately, her me-first attitude was cut from the show in the later stages of the competition. most arrogant chopped contestant 25. Juni 2022. If that werent bad enough, head judge Tom Colicchio wanted to end the show right there and give the win to Marcel because no one came to his aid as he cried for help. Also, after losing in the finale, he blamed his team and vowed to do everything in his power to ensure that the cooks on his team during the finale would never work again. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Pickled pig's lips, canned chicken, leftover pizza, and geoduck (no relation to duck) are among the most notorious ingredients. It was the end of the second round and Cara/Kara wasn't being particularly gracious and Alex said something along the lines of, "Confidence is good, but I personally appreciate a certain amount of humility". Copyright 2022 Snugglefish Media. I love my friends but.no.). Having been on the air since 2009, Chopped is one of Food Network's longest-running cooking competitions and for good reason. After answering his $250,000 question correctly, Reber used his phone-a-friend lifeline to call. The success of this show and its format led Food Network to create similar shows with formats similar to this, most notably its Evil Counterpart, Cutthroat Kitchen. 2014, Television Food Network,G.P. After having her food called "dull" by Geoffrey Zakarian and too rare by Amanda Freitag, the chef tried to pull the other contestants who clearly wanted no part of her defense into her excuse. All rights reserved. "Chopped" has been airing on the Food Network for over 45 . I half-expected him to say no to that request, the way he said no to letting the judges taste the missing ingredient in the first round. Now they look for chefs from different parts of the country and it seems that mostly are competitive but polite. Ooh! Having been on the air since 2009, Chopped is one of Food Network's longest-running cooking competitions and for good reason. There are certain safety guidelines that one should know in the kitchen if they're a professional chef. He dedicated it to the two most important women in his life, his mother and his wife, Shannon. I'll give him credit for one thing - he did step in and help Amy with the can-opener. Juan Pablooh, how fans loved that accent and his personality when he was a contestant on Desiree Hartsock's season of The Bachelorette. He receives glowing accolades from Amanda, Ted and Cat Cora (among others) on the back of the book. She smirked all the time and constantly repeated on her THs about how much better she was than her competition. Then I saw another one last week, she was a pastry person, Tamryn something? That one person who producers and editors know that all of America, young and old, Republican and Democrat, can join together and truly, completely dislike. Instead of me rooting for someone to win, and enjoy, I was actively rooting for them to lose already. Chef Chris Burke didn't get the memo, though, and fully went after chef Amy Roth with condescending vengeance, taking direct aim at his competitor's okra. Sammy Davis, Jr. Yep, that was his name, and he swore up and down, he was the best, and he wasagonna win, and he ended up being chopped because he stayed in his comfort zone, I think is what one of the judges said. But like, it's in a can. You are here: performance task roller coaster design edgenuity; 1971 topps baseball cards value; most arrogant chopped contestant . I noticed you ate all of it," that was just so douchey it was funny. That is a crazy story. During the course of the show, he made several dubious threats against the other competitors, including threats of physical violence. Phyllo sheets really don't have much taste to them, and Scott Conant informed the chef of this when he said, "It tastes like nothing." Young finally relinquished the grill, confessing, "I am not gonna look good fighting with a grandma." And the look on Alex's face when he started that "I know I did great" crap. Hands down, absolutely worst contestant was Serena Williams' private chef, Lauren von der Pool. I could laugh off some of his stuff - challenging the judges by asking, "But was it light and flaky? I was going to say the same thing. http://www.thedailymeal.com/news/travel/vinson-petrillo-spellegrino-s-young-chef-semi-finalist-will-represent-united-states-expo-milanp/21315. Congratulations to Chef Vinson Petrillo of Charleston, SC, who secured his place in the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 finals after presenting a signature dish to judges Chefs Blaine Wetzel, Paul Qui, Chef Amanda Freitag, and Wylie Dufresne last night! Some of the last words on the show were him warning the chefs on his team to never show up in Dallas or he and his friends would assault them. . "I was thinking an onion jam," the contestant quipped. Display as a link instead, Apparently, asking to use the Sriracha was just too much! And then he angsts over whether or not to work with honey? Rather, he left on his own after being tossed from the kitchen. Oh my gosh, really?? 00:45. Does anybody remember from the early seasons, possibly season 1 or 2, where the guy kept referencing the fact that "the government was going to take their cut"? On April 20, 2015 at 0:59 PM, cooksdelight said: Contestants: The Arrogant, the Weepy, the Chopped. Different from the norm. Home; Features; Services; About; Contact; Login; Get Free Demo 12 Jordan Was Way Too Cocky And Irritated Fans via cheatsheet.com Being confident is a great thing, but being arrogant is a major pitfall for certain people. I'm really trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she was edited badly. Rick, she's really a great girl. Mmm, who wants a big ole' plate of practically raw eel that just may kill you? 2023 SheMedia, LLC. Winners on Bake-Off go home with a glass cake stand . Elise Wims-Harris is probably the most hated contestant of all time in Hell's Kitchen. There's no way a chef can create an appetizing entre with gummy worms, skirt steak, and oyster crackers unless they get really creative. Her blank-eyed condescension even brought Alex down on her. As of 2020, Chopped also now has TWO spin-off/sister series. The chef doused her grill with oil which eventually caught fire and had all the Chopped judges looking with worrisome faces that read, "I don't want to die on the Food Network.". Top Chef: Where are they now?INTERVIEW: MasterChefs Graham Elliot on Krissi and Jessies culinary catfightHells Kitchen: Season Eight Finale Tonight! Cara Thompson. I was beginning to wonder if he was just putting on that attitude for the show, because he seemed so over-the-top with it. ziegenfelder popsicles; best college marching bands in north carolina; halimbawa ng positibo at negatibong pahayag. However, even among the elite of reality TV repulsiveness, 10 food contestants stand above and beyond as the worst food contestants ever. And as a two-time Chopped standby, I know more than most. Fortunately for the rest of the chefs, only Cliff actually grabbed and held Marcel down, which resulted in him being thrown out and the rest of the competitors getting to stay. 2. I didn't think she had an unattractive face. Ultimately, it wasnt his baking that got Seth removed, it was a fight with a production assistant over paper cups which then lead to an ambulance rushing him to a hospital over a medical condition. He competed on Food Network's "Chopped Grill Masters" on Aug. 7. I am surprised that the producers haven't upgraded anything on the show after all these years. It can take several months before your episode reaches the air, so a contestant's patience is truly tested. Bella, February 10, 2015 in Chopped. She was planning on using the $ for some charity that provides women who otherwise couldn't afford it with mammograms. Andrews occupation was listed as farmer in Hells Kitchen Season 7, though he also gleefully talked about butchering his own meat in one rather creepy confessional. The ultimate goal is to create a dish that tastes good, of course, so when that dish tastes like, well, nothing it's a bit awkward. Politehnica Timioara > News > Uncategorized > most arrogant chopped contestant. Judges: The Most-Notorious Chopped Clashes, The Most-Dramatic Wins and Losses on Chopped. The disgruntled chef said "thank you" before Conant quipped back with "I'm saying the basket." And Scott giving him a final smackdown was gold. Oishii, The Brand Behind the Omakase Strawberry, Introduces New Koyo Berry Breed, 5 Best Non-Alcoholic Gins, According to a Spirits Expert, Everything You Need To Cook Like Emily Mariko, 25 Get Well Soon Gifts That Show How Much You Care, 6 Best Whiskeys, According to a Spirits Expert, These Cord Organizers Save Your Kitchen From Clutter, Enter Daily for Your Chance to Win $10,000. He cooks both times. In one you have a contestant that is given something he's allergic to (and doesn't the application ask if you have allergies?) Cliff made it to the final five, only to decide (along with his other contestants) to give Marcel (who no one liked) a forced shaving. Nope, that simply won't cut it when it comes to eel. Even if the judges reserve the right to behave that way in their own kitchens, I'm pretty damn sure they'd fire anyone else who tried it. Since Chopped contestants don't roll over between shows, judges can . Clear editor. So Vegan Chef can get lost with his dithering over whether he could bring himself to cook with meat. The other judges point out that the eel is not just raw, but bloody and full of potentially deadly toxins. Chris Burke, one of the most arrogant asses ever, his redemption episode was on again today. Gah!! I'd have done the same happy dance that Amy did when he was ditched. That bit in his intro when he talks about having been a banker and throws back his head and goes Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz makes me laugh every time I see it. The cherry on top of the whole exchange was courtesy of Scott Conant, who in regards toPhilipson's complaint about the baskets, said, "I feel like this was much better than the first round." It's funny, I remember looking up on google to see if one Food Network program was fake or if there was any article about it. Reply Retweet Favorite. Kent said it's his 8th year of coming here, bringing his big chuckwagon with him. You GO Madison! So I checked IMBD. Then, strange hives began appearing all over his body followed by a breakdown in front of guest judge Elizabeth Faulkner in which he lay on the floor and cried that he wanted to make his mother proud. She was like, here it comes. A sloppy chef does not impress. These two are the worst kind of contestants, let me tell you. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. It was an honest mistake, but then he decided to serve raw onions again in the entre round. most arrogant chopped contestant. Generally, Chopped chefs seem to focus 100 percent of their attention on, you know, cooking an incredible dish in under half an hour with a bunch of mystery ingredients. A quick look at Chopped judge Geoffrey Zakarian's website, and it's apparent the guy has some clout in the culinary world: multiple executive chef positions, restaurant openings, awards, cookbooks, even projects with cruise lines and luxury hotels. http://pigeonforgewinterfest.com/saddle-up/, I got to meet Kent Rollins and his beautiful wife, Shannon, while they were in my area for "Saddle Up!". That's just part of the deal that goes along with potentially walking away $10,000 richer. Rebecca was the super-smug blonde chef from The Beehive in Boston. SHARE. He won and then later competed in a Chopped Champions round. Elise is very easy to hate. Here are nine weird and fascinating facts about one of the Food Network's most successful reality cooking shows. The only really arrogant winner that stands out to me was that awful Cara/Kara person who won a redemption round. I just received my copy of Kent Rollins' new cookbook "A Taste of Cowboy: Ranch Recipes and Tales From The Trail" and I'd highly recommend it if you enjoyed watching him on his two appearances on Chopped. If those ingredients are beneath you, DON'T GO ON A FREAKIN' COMPETITION FOOD SHOW! However, there was one gloriously hilarious moment with Lauren. Jordan was one of the cockiest people to ever appear on the show, and while he did make for some great television, he was unbearable to listen to. I'm only on Season 11, so I can't comment on some of the later seasons. The first is called "Chopped Junior," which is the same as the original show, except all the contestants are children . in not one, but two rounds. No redemption at all. I'm watching an episode from 2012 - "Chopping in a Winter Wonderland." His exit from the show was not a surprise. Garland did finish the "game" and made it to the dessert round, but it's entirely possible that she was already out before Zakarian even tried her apple blackberry crumble, and she was chopped. Welp, that was all it took for the chef to declare, "I don't want to continue." Copyright 2022 Snugglefish Media. Von Der Pool, however, devoted a significant amount of her energy to being annoyed by chef Sarah Pouzar. Most memorable quote : "Yes I was . I guess he didn't see the first one as a "bonding" moment. The son of iconic New York City restaurateur Sirrio Maccioni, Mauro Maccioni failed to get any of his food on the plate. I also don't get why people think he's a winner when he isn't one. You can post now and register later. Can someone jog my mind? 00:04. Hated the only other woman competitor, simply because she was a woman, bitched at the judges for chopping her and was just a spoiled brat throughout. I had the misfortune of living with this creep.. Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios: Dress Down, Rip Off the Rearview (feat. Chris Coombs has opened yet another restaurant. Last night's fresh crop of Chopped contestants included none other than Emme Ribeiro Collins, the chef who grew up in her parents' University District restaurant, Tempero do . Their equipment is much newer. It was so manipulative. I watched "Chopped" on demand earlier this week. He was particularly bothered by being in the final two with the woman, "there is no way I'm losing to her". Brooke Siem. It seems like a miracle when at the end of every round on Chopped, the chefs manage to construct a gourmet dish in the course of 30 minutes. 9. Maybeit was Andy that was mentioned upthread? She was about the most horrible person I have ever seen on the show. There was a woman who was a vegetarian and couldn't taste her food but did pretty well. Shape it into a cup, bake it and use it as a vessel. Deborah was talking about her nephew that she adores, and how she feels that she owes him to win because she broke her leg while dancing the Horah at his Bar Mitzvah, and "stole his thunder." 3. What made her unrestrained bitchiness, sneering and eye rolling so extra was that Sarah was making a great effort to be friendly and respectful toall her fellow contestants in spite of being quite shy by nature. Ouch. This is about right. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. I was convinced (and she admitted as much) that she was using her appearance to springboard her career into some kind of catty reality shot. I rarely see them cook puff pastry correctly, it is always underdone. Dude had his own politician music for his arrogance. I also hate it when they make chefs with serious allergies work with stuff that's hazardous to them. Of all the cooking competition shows to arrive in the last few years, few are as popular as the Food Network's Chopped. Your link has been automatically embedded. Four competitors have the chance to cook three courses, with a panel of judges eliminating one contestant after each course. Thanks for the info. before walking off in a huff. And I guess this confirms that what you see on this show is indicative of what his true personality was like. Iremember him saying he opened restaurants all over the world and trained other chefs. Davidi was ruthless, beautiful and arrogant a trifecta of perfection on a reality show during her stint as a finalist on the Food Networks The Next Food Network Star. He's a private chef, and his attitude is probably why. No one would want to work with him in a kitchen. Did you enjoy it? I'm disappointed in them for that.). Some make Napoleons and that works. Clear editor. to which the chef responded, "The torching." Taylor Hurt, 30, was a chef and contestant on the cooking show Chopped. Judge Aarn Snchez covered his eyes in disappointment and Geoffrey Zakarian shook his head on the table like a 4-year-old who just found out there's no kids menu. No one has ever done that, to my knowledge. Watch judge Scott Conant's notorious raw onion. They've evolved over the years to this dreadfully earnest place, where even having seen them talk about how they manipulate the viewers into buying their personas on NFNS we're supposed to believe that Bobby's really a mensch and Alex is a better cook than Amanda and the voice of Scott Conant cries out from the depths of hell in anguish over the red onions. Smart move, guy. The "I don't cook anything except the best premium ingredients [but I'll slum on this show and cook normal food]" chefs drive me nuts. I remember the episode, where the firefighter made it all the way to dessert and I was sitting here with my mouth hanging open, wondering why. It pleases me greatly to read that she was Chopped first when they brought her back. So, here is the definitive ranking of the judges from best to worst (as well as a few remarks on their fashion sense). But as any true reality TV fan knows, a show is never as authentic and unscripted as it seems. . One chef on the redemption show really could have used Gordon Ramsay's advice from UK Kitchen Nightmares instead of being on Chopped. When you agree to be a contestant on "Chopped," the show has you sign a strict nondisclosure agreement. Smoke. I noticed that they have never invited him back for any type of redemption show, as they have others who had questionable attitudes. She came back for a redemption episode in which she'd grown hair back and broadened her scope to include all cancer and not just breast cancer. And I really don't buy the idea that they're not judging on behavior (which probably springs from Hell's Kitchen, but Tom Colicchio has kind of validated it). If the chefs can understand that flavor profile without even smelling it, that's pretty impressive to me. Aw, I always had a soft soft for Vinson. Chopped is full of high-stakes moments, but moments that are also sort of hilarious? Forster responded by tossing his shoes at J.P. and storming off. Cringe-worthy indeed. There are some secrets even true "Chopped" fans don't know about. Well, there was that guy who died. Copyright 2022 Snugglefish Media. Christ, the ratio between Scott's (S7) arrogance and actual skill must be incredible. As the entree round becomes overwhelming, Anne has what judge Scott Conant deems a hissy fit, yelling at the shows producer and knocking leftover ingredients onto the ground. I can't help but feel he was also HIGHLY insulted to lose to a mere female with so much less training & experience. Chris and Lauren are on my list of all-time worst but I just can't place a Rebecca. There's always an incredibly intense amount of adrenaline and creativity swirling around in the Chopped kitchen. Nevertheless, the judges were horrified. The way he talked about other people's dishes was downright disrespectful. Watch the show enough and you know you're going to end up with that stuff. I WANTED to include Russell but I couldn't think of that when I made the poll, Scott Hawley must win the poll, he would be embarrassed to finish second place, Sounds like something S7 Scott himself would say(no offense to you), "I would be embarrassed to finish second place". Unfortunately my friends who know him didn't want to say anything when I left his nasty ass move inbecause I was dealing with my dad dying at the time and they didn't want to worry me. You can pick the protein, switch the sides, and even swap the saucebut when it comes to being a barbecue pitmaster there are three ingredients that you just can't do without: Meat. Sure, they're competitive, but they don't typically shoot each other down. Has a very successful restaurant, a lovely wife and a beautiful little boy. Actually, this one applies too: pw @petewentz. Contestant Joe Dobias thinks he has the dessert round in the bag, but it turns into a. Anne Burrell may be an all-star chef, but she still loses her cool in stressful situations. It was really oddalmost as odd as the early season guy who was very soft-spoken but looked like a creepy Nick Cave..I think he won. http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/cleanplatecharlie/2010/02/food_network_chopped_ted_allen_fixed.php. Accueil; Solution; Tarif; PRO; Mon compte; France; Accueil; Solution "Yes ma'am!". It's true that anyone who applies to Chopped must know by now that they might find anything in the baskets but the producers know ahead of time if one of the chefs has an allergy that could be life-threatening and they could easily avoid risky ingredients. He became angry and began snapping at his fellow chef-testants, even when they were trying to help. I want to know more. Here's a review of Kent's book, and I agree.the food is easy to prepare, but the stories are the best part of the book, to me. And Scott giving him a final smackdown was gold. SHARE. I saw his famous cutting knife we've seen him use on Chopped. 'Nuff said. todas las escalas para piano; he doesn't love me but wants to be friends; scape dance studio rental Plus, her food is really good. It's simply impossible to put a bunch of highly competitive chefs together in one kitchen and then have their food judged by culinary big shots without the occasional confrontation or kitchen mishap. riverside county rent control ordinance The chefs had to work with eel, and it's apparent that things are about to go badly for one contestant when Alex Guarnaschelli asked, "How did you cook the eel?" My sister and I tried to go last year but snow closed the main road to get there. most arrogant chopped contestant. And I totally believe that, if you have an arrogant chef, the judges will judge that contestant more harshly than the others, which may be what causes so many of them to be chopped in the final round. I have to take it, I have to take it." Judges: The Most-Notorious Chopped Clashes Between defensive contestants and angry judges, things can get pretty heated on Chopped. Chefs vs. Chefs are often arrogant. Huh. It's classic Kent, to a T. I don't know what I want to make first. The chef explained that he felt the onion in the dishes "makes sense" before Conant cautioned him about onion in the dessert round. It's an annual event every February celebrating the cowboy lifestyle. "See you when it's over, master!". As Ted Allen warned the chefs that they had mere seconds left, Maccioni was seen still trying to prepare his pasta before asking another chef where the plates are. This is the list of episodes for the Food Network competition reality series Chopped. A friend of mine had a restraining order against him for a year after he assaulted her. You cannot paste images directly. You cannot paste images directly. EMAIL. He's a private chef, and his attitude is probably why. 03:57 AM - 01 Jun 2018. Tali, a competitor in MasterChef Season 3, seems like the kind of guy youd want to meet for drinks, except for one small thing: He can do no wrong at least in his own mind. Marcus Samuelsson The gold standard of judges. Judging for the appetizer round can take two hours, and there's a legend of a cursed bowl on set. All rights reserved. I forgot to add a comment on the show that featured hamburgers. I liked the other guy. Uh oh. Powered by Invision Community. Still, some chefs just have to learn the hard way and get under the skin of the judges by repeatedly giving them food they don't like. But has he ever changed. Another interesting article I found while looking for arrogant Chopped favorites. from Broward Co., FL, the author wondering if the show is fixed. Use milk in ice cream instead of cream, so it won't turn to butter, and call it gelato. Those are a bit more difficult to come by, which is what makes the battle over a grill pan between two chefs such a gem in the show's history of awkward moments. No community is as hot as ours, and it keeps getting hotter! I mean, aside from his smirky smiles and smirks when Katie admitted she forgot an ingredientto his passive aggressiveness toward Katieand then, then, interrupting Scott during Scott's critique, with the "wasn't it delicate enough? Maybe, maybe not, but Choppedcontestants will do their best to make something edible in the hopes of winning a cool $10,000. 1 Penny Davidi Davidi was ruthless, beautiful and. Seth was by far and away the most bizarre competitor in Top Chef or Top Chef: Just Desserts history. So if you hear anyone tell a story about a crazy woman attack, it is me!! Poor guy couldn't taste have his dishes. Zakarian held up the pepper and asked the question no Chopped contestant wants to hear: "What are we supposed to do with these?" Yes, they can call it "Biggest Whiner"!!!! I think I could enjoy a Danuschka show, just not on TFN. Even when the episode first aired, she seemed over-the-top. If you thought chef RoryPhilipson was less than a delightful ray of sunshine, allow us to introduce you to chef Lauren Von Der Pool (who has been a personal chef for celebs like Robin Thicke,Patti Labelle, and Serena Williams). Throughout the show, Russell was rude and arrogant to his fellow contestants and to guest judges. In the first round not one of the four grinders worked. she only has one other credit, a redemption show in season 19. It was a really good segment. I don't think I have ever seen another contestant do that when they got chopped. I think that might hinder one's presentation. This woman, though I could see she had skills, was the meanest person ever. It's the sort of uncomfortable tension that makes you root for anyone else, simply out of sympathy for their misfortune of having to share a kitchen with Von Der Pool. But I've seen it happen on Top Chef and other shows where people had severe allergies. One of the chefs was Lauren Von Der Pool, I think her name was. Copyright 2022 Snugglefish Media. Emme Collins on the set of Chopped. 3. Nobody gets out of the Chopped kitchen without having their cooking techniques nitpicked and critiqued by the judges. After each course, one contestant gets "chopped," with the victor winning $10,000. Danuschka seems as if she has a Nadia G _this, and the fact that you're taking it seriously is all kind of a joke_ vibe. Most arrogant contestants(S19 included)(SPOILERS) votes Matt(S16) Marc Scott(S7) Jennifer(S13) Amber Other(please specify) Voting closed comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment Kimimaro146 Additional comment actions I gotta go with S7 Scott. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I agree with Bella that she's be a hoot as a host of a food/cooking instruction show. I'm sure whoever it was richly deserved it, but if Alex Guarnaschelli personally appreciates humility, she doesn't appear to be all that interested in seeing it in the mirror. he didn't pay rent for 8 months and stuff disappeared from our apt e.g. And go on and on about never having used it, etc., etc. And the "I don't cook with [x, y, and z]" contestants! Chopped is a televised cooking competition in which four professional chefs make appetizers, entrees, and desserts using ingredients from three distinct "mystery baskets," each designed to throw the chefs off course. How cool, Cooksdelight! His lyrics were anything other than hardcore and just made the chef look ridiculous. I feel like Marc, Amber, and Jennifer all have their upsides though and could back up some of their arrogance on HK. Chef Elda Bielanski went toe-to-toe over a grill pan with competitor Keith Young a man who easily has 18 inches and probably 75 pounds on Bielanski. As soon as he moved in -- my roommates X-box disappeared. bard college music faculty. It has to be baked separately. The chef's answer of "nibble" didn't sit well with Zakarian, who proceeded to inform her how a hot pepper would prevent him and the other judges from even tasting the food. She was bad. educational laws affecting teachers. Pasted as rich text. as one contestant admitted that host Mayim Bialik was his childhood crush.. Bialik, who previously starred on The Big . Then when he did lose, the woman tried to hug him and he just turned andstormed off,then did this death stare into the camera the whole time he was doing his final walk, he was downright scary!

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