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He broke into her home a second time in the incident where he was covered in blood and also allegedly began harassing personal injury attorney Kay Van Wey, who represented many of his former patients, in a series of rambling emails. In September 2014, after he and Young had separated, Duntsch was arrested for jumping the fence of Youngs sisters Garland home and attempting to take their child, Aiden. Young let him buy her an appletini, and they hit it off. One surgeon described these as never events. They shouldnt ever happen in someones entire career. In the Dallas medical community, Christopher Duntsch was seen as a rising star. He stayed in New York while everyone. I knocked on my door. Something was wrong, one lawsuit alleges, whether it be impairment from drugs, alcohol, mental illness, or a combination of all three. His first and only surgery with Minimally Invasive Spine Institute was on a Thursday at Baylor Plano. He had blood all over him. And yet nearly all who met him said they liked him immediately. To become a neurosurgeon, one typically has to complete over 1000 surgeries in residency, but somehow, reporter Laura Beil discovered that Duntsch only completed 100. She says she never saw him drunk or high or suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Duntsch ended up slicing her vertebral artery, stopping blood and oxygen flow to her brain. Slater is also known for his roles in Mr. Christopher Duntsch was an American doctor and specialized as a spinal surgeona deadly spinal surgeonwho killed three of his patients and maimed 31 others during a two-year span. St. Jude says there was no such program at the hospital at that time. While the show features the exes as the parents to one son, they had two kids together in real life. Sadly, being moral and good aren't therequisites schools need to let someone become a doctor. The University of Tennessee refused to comment on grounds of confidentiality, but neurosurgeon Dr. Frederick Boop, under whom Duntsch completed his residency, knew. Duntsch allegedly performed the operation and flew out to Las Vegas without securing a call physician. Later, he filed for bankruptcy and moved in with his parents in Colorado. Was this a way of keeping the University of Tennessee's ranking up? After five days in the ICU and hours of agonizing rehab, Mayfield requireda cane to walkand was unable to ride in vehicles for long periods. Life After "Death": Lethal Surgeon Sentenced to PrisonWATCH NEXT: Attorney who represented Dr. Duntsch's patients discusses her cases (3 of 5) https://youtu.. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. 11:15 PM on Mar 1, 2014 CST. The evidence collected by the DA's office by subpoenaing every hospital on his CVshows Duntsch completes a fraction of these. The university said, We cant let you see his personnel file. "Dr. Death: The Undoctored Story" and the scripted series "Dr. Death," starring Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin and Christian Slaterare both available to stream on Peacock now. It said, Anyone close to me thinks that I likely am something between god, einstein, and the antichrist. This is notably weird, considering Christopher Duntsch trained underDr. Boop, so you'd assume that theyoperated together as part of the whole learning surgery process. But what Duntsch hadnt counted on was the Dallas County District Attorneys Office. Like Summers, Floella Browns vertebral artery was damaged, causing massive bleeding. But as the ultimate betrayal, some doctors violate this code of conduct in the worst possible ways. Dallas County Jail/AP, Duntsch filed for bankruptcy and was arrested in Denver for driving under the influence on Jan. 10, 2014, according to, Ultimately, on that case, he ended up getting 12 months (of) probation and a small fine, Michelle Shughart, assistant district attorney in Dallas County, told, Duntsch is now living out his life behind bars, but Young told CNBC's, starring Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater. The hospitals didnt do their due diligence until it was too late, and those who couldve spoken up didnt. Kane dated Summers for a year. His mother, Susan, taught school. I dont have Facebook, I dont Myspace. Unlike Baldwin, Slater takes on a more brash and quirky doctor role as Dr Kirby, though both work side by side to help reveal the truth about Duntsch's botched surgeries. A few weeks later I took my first son to visit him for Christmas and then I became pregnant, Young said. They lived in a future colleagues condo at the W Hotel while they looked for a home in Plano, close to where Duntsch would be practicing. While some called his eventual downfall greed-related, who knows what evil the human mind is capable of. are both available to stream on Peacock now. Was he was only in it for the research prestige and the money? He was taller than 6 feet, with a stubby nose and neatly cropped hair above bright blue eyes, and he had crafted a strategy that endeared him to patients and to referring physicians: Im the best, hed tell them. He wrote, "You will not find a harder working or more willing individual." I look at my children, I felt like, How am I gonna explain this to them?. Investigations took patients and attorneys back to where Duntsch had had such a promising beginningin Memphis, at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, where he earned both an M.D. I didnt really know how to feel anymore, but while he was out in Colorado we kept in contact.. How old was Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things season 1? Christopher Duntsch - AKA Dr. Death - spent 18 months asa practicing surgeon atmultiple Texas hospitals until hehad his license revoked in 2013. Then he also took prescription painkillers and ate a paper blotter of LSD. But he was apprehended trying to leave the store. Like Dr Henderson, Dr Kirby is still a practicing doctor in real life. The real question isn't why Dr. Duntsch did what he did. Hoyle became so disturbed by Duntsch's actions that at one point he physically restrained him. He said, Its not your case, its another case, and were looking into it. I trust that man wholly. But, he says, It all started coming together in my head that this isnt a one-time mistake.. She had family in Dallas and decided shed go with him if he chose that city. The company, Discgenics, is still going, and still holds the patents, listingDuntsch, Ignatova, and Kukekov as the inventors. According to Duntsch's colleagueDr. Randall Kirby, Glidewell's procedure was so botched that"Duntsch was forcibly restrained from continuing the surgery by the [operating room] team.". Im the only clean minimally invasive guy in the whole state. Thats according to Dr. Mark Hoyle, who was the general surgeon during Passmores surgery. Dr. Death might not have cared about being a surgeon, just the prestige that came with it. According to court documents, Rimlawi soon grew suspicious of Duntsch. Later, attorneys would sit on the stairwell of her Skillman Street apartment. Brown lost so much blood that the operating room team had to mop the floor with towels, all whileDuntschcomplained he couldn't see her spine to operate. News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. An incredibly difficult thing to prove. Passmore was allowed to resign and still access his long-term disability insurance, which he says hed paid into for more than 10 years. The 43-year-old new dad, who welcomed his first child with wife Jodie Turner-Smith last year, brought his WB experience to portray the charming aspect of the surgeon, as the other characters often call him on the show. He couldnt help it. In a video recording of her deposition, she fidgets often, angling her head to look at a jug of Stoli, shaking her head yes or no, furrowing her brow at some of the questions. Beil's somber reporting on the Wondery podcast titled Dr. Death will send chills down your spine. Nobody can recognize whether it was ours or not! Ignatova says. At Health Grades Duntsch had 4.3 out of 5 stars, "above [the] national average." You'd think that a surgeon who was this bad would have some mud spattered on him on the internet. But patient advocates and the surgeons that mobilized to rid him of his license say that Duntsch was the perfect storm. And so shes here, in a Christian coffee shop tucked into a corner of the town square of Springtown, west of Fort Worth, where she lives with her new boyfriends parents. His mom was a teacher. That same month, Kirby wrote, he, along with the Glidewell family, brought the case to prosecutors and asked to press charges. But Hoyle says an X-ray later showed it was positioned too far to the left. Young was evicted at least twice. There was a dissection of one patients esophagus, and screws that an indictment labeled far too long that caused significant blood loss in another patient. AnnaSophia Robb, 27, portrays Michelle Shughart, the assistant district attorney on Dr. Death's case. Morgan didnt follow Duntsch after Baylor Plano. He was friendly, and we had good conversation. He later told Duntsch to his face that he was dangerous. According to a police report obtained by The Texas Observer, Duntsch was captured on camera trying to steal $887 worth of merchandise, including pants, briefcases, cologne, watches and sun glasses. This would be the first and last time Hoyle worked next to Duntsch. She fell pregnant with their first son, Aiden, not long after that. They turned around, away from the yelling. Christopher Daniel Duntsch was born in Montana on April 3, 1971, and raised alongside his three siblings in an affluent suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. Six weeks after her death on March 12, 2012, the medical examiner ruled her fate an accident. And yet the actual tragedy is that someone could have stopped it. And yet they occurred in Duntschs operating rooms over a period of just two years. But that isn't the scariest part. Only time will tell story about Christopher Duntsch finally broke, discovered stem cells in human brain tumors, Duntsch, Ignatova, and Kukekov as the inventors, Neurosurgeon residents need to complete 1,000 surgeries, Page would see Duntsch mixing a vodka orange, At Health Grades Duntsch had 4.3 out of 5 stars, Dr. Robertson also gave Duntsch a great review, Attorney James Girards was representing Lee Passmore, one of the doctors he spoke to likened Duntsch to Hannibal Lecter, the school refused to verify or deny his claims, according to a report by the Dallas County prosecutors, According to the prosecutors, TMB had many complaints on file, irreparably damaged by Dr. Death's grievous malpractices, It took the Texas Medical Board one whole year to investigate, Henderson actually checked if Duntsch was a real doctor with The University of Tennessee, Hospitals are liable only if the plaintiff can prove that the hospital was also malicious, the same law also helps these very hospitals, For the DA though she proved to be a good witness, A string of arrests for DWI, shoplifting, and more followed, Becker's Hospital Review covered the 13 worst physicians of 2017, as named by Medscape, Dr. Death is now also going to be a TV show, Will it help patients protect their rights. He did earnhis M.D., doing so well that he was among the 12 percent of medical school graduates in his class named to the elite Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. His CV proclaims that he earned a doctorate in microbiology from the prestigious St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, graduating summa cum laude. Santa Clarita Diet's Dominic Burgess plays Jerry Summers, a former patient and best friend of Dr Death's. I think he built up this idea in his head of who he was and what he was going to do with his life and now all of that has disappeared and wasnt coming back, I think he finds himself in a state where hes struggling to figure out, who am I now? Shughart said in the series. One such recommendation came from the surgeon under whom Duntsch completed his residency, Dr. Frederick Boop. It was hearsay, he contended. He was the eldest of four. Did these doctors truly not see though Duntsch? But then he gave Passmore the card of a neurosurgeon named Christopher Duntsch. Dubbed "Dr. Death," the case gained national attention, revealing how easy. Robb is known for her roles as Bethany Hamilton in Soul Surfer, Lacey in The Act, and Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Anton Floquet/NBCUniversal, I knocked on my door. As one lawyer told me off the record, they faced an almost impossible dilemma: settle and give their families a financial cushion for the future medical costs but sacrifice their right to tell their stories. Duntsch also said he was prepared to embrace the very darkest part of himself. I'm the only clean minimally invasive guy in the whole state." Days after Duntsch returned, he was fired. Duntsch says he was so distraught by Browns outcome that he placed a screw in Efurd 3 millimeters away from where it shouldve been, damaging a nerve root. The Hippocratic Oath is sworn by all doctors and binds them to do no harm. On average, a neurosurgeon generates more revenue for a hospital than all other specialties but invasive cardiology and orthopedic surgery. Also Read: Made For Love: Who Are Caleb Foote Parents? (He also appears in no yearbooks from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center at the time in which he says he earned his Ph.D., and the school declined to verify his claims, citing afederal privacy law.) He always had a plan, always had a pitch, always had a way to fix you. Its hard to find good conversation with a random person, Young says. His right leg is as stiff as his pressed blue jeans, and when he walks, he appears to use his hips to heave it forward. In actuality, Duntschhad severely deformed Mayfield's spinal column and left him immobilized from mid-chest down to his toes. Duntsch grew up in a middle-class family. We moved in together within three months, and then I became pregnant.. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News . He lost everything, so having to face the reality was very hard for him.. He was the first surgeon to do so, but not the last. Other doctors had to perform surgery to save his life. My entire house had been turned upside down.. Or, they should be: the scientists names are misspelled. Summers died a few months ago, in February 2021, after getting an infection connected to the botched surgery from Duntsch that left him a quadriplegic. It was a revision of a patient whom he originally operated on at Baylor Plano. He called Baylor Plano President Jerri Garison, who was clearly familiar with Duntsch and was just as clear about how little she could say on the matter: He no longer has privileges here, and I have to be very careful about what I say to you. Baylor said it was unable to provide its executives for interviews because of Passmores pending lawsuit. Martin paid with her lifebecause her doctor was too proud to say he screwed up. Strangely enough, Dr. Boop also mentioned, "I have not operated with Chris." It might be Baylor, it might be somebody down in Austin, it might be somebody somewhere, but its the only way you can get your voice out there. Photo: The 31 people who survived Dr. Duntsch's scalpel face a struggle for the rest of their lives. I was on the third story.. 2020 THE SUN, US, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | TERMS OF USE | PRIVACY | YOUR AD CHOICES | SITEMAP, Joshua Jackson (right) portrays Christopher Duntsch, aka Dr Death, on the new Peacock limited series, Alec Baldwin (right) plays Dr Robert Henderson, The role of Dr Randall Kirby is portrayed by Christian Slater (right), Credit: Dallas Surgical Specialists/ Barbara Nitke/Peacock, AnnaSophia Robb (right) takes on the role of Michelle Shughart, Dominic Burgess (right) is Jerry Summers on the series, Molly Griggs (right) portrays Wendy Young on Dr Death, Dr Death - Trailer for the Peacock series based on the true story of Christopher Duntsch, Dr Death cast vs real people See photos of Christopher Duntsch, Michelle Shughart & more. Duntsch did his surgical residency at The University of Tennessee. 33 of his surgeries went horribly wrong. A neurosurgeon reviewing the case for the court found an errant screw had not only opened Brown's arterybut blocked it, and that Duntsch hadmisdiagnosed Brown, operating on the wrong area entirely. Digging into Christopher Duntsch's personal and professional life, Dr. Death paints a detailed portrait of a possible sociopath. Wendy Renee Young says she met Duntsch in 2011 at the Beauty Shopin Memphis, a bar and restaurant that borrowed its shtick from its past life as a curl-and-dye shop owned by Elvis Presleys ex-wife. Duntschs patient outcomes would draw lots of attention over the years. What made this well-recommended neurosurgeon harm his patients and himself? According to an arrest report obtained by the outlet, he had been driving on two flat fires and had two empty bottles of Mikes Hard Lemonade in the vehicle. There was Duntschs childhood friend, Jerry Summers, who woke up from a procedure unable to move his arms and legs. Slater plays Dr. Randall Kirby while Baldwin is Dr. Robert Henderson. I dont know what it is, she said. Christopher Duntsch has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. The seeds of greed were sown. Morgan says they spent a lot of time in clubs. On April 9, 2013, Mayfield underwent surgery performed by Duntsch to remove a troublesome disk from his spine. His father, Donald, was a physical therapist and Christian missionary, and his mother, Susan, was a schoolteacher. Link your TV provider to stream full episodes and live TV. Full Review | Original Score: 4/5 | Jul 28, 2021 Currently, Discgenics has no mention of Duntsch at all, his history with the company, or that he's the massive elephant in the room. She was also present for Summers operation. Britney Spears claims she was 'scared of drunk dad Jamie' & family 'abandoned her to stay in beach house SHE bought', RHOBH's Erika Jayne breaks down in tears & admits she's 'lonely' after friends 'turned on her' when she went 'broke', Kendall Jenner stuns in an all-black gothic look for glam new photoshoot, Russell Brand defends his dog after pooch mauled wallaby to death on walk, Why odd double act Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss are in fact a perfect match, Teen Mom Leah Messer shows stretch marks on tummy after giving birth to three kids & reveals if she'll get a tummy tuck, Duntsch, 50, was convicted of a first-degree felony. The thing is, if you dont push this, with everybody else settling, theyre getting away with it again., 750 North St.Paul St. We discovered it.. Duntsch'sfinal patient, Jeffrey Glidewell, entered the operating room in2013 to undergo minimally invasive surgery to fix his long-term neck pain. She was a National . Duntsch, again, maintains this wasnt true. Finally, in July 2015, the Dallas County District Attorneys Office followed through. Many readers may recognize the name Christopher Duntsch, a doctor who allegedly was negligent in his practice for years before finally being stripped of his medical license. Duntsch then joined Dallas Medical Center. He kind of let himself into my apartment by climbing up my balcony, she said. Baldwin, 63, plays a more mature character to his onscreen partner Christian Slaters zany one, with the two pairing up in quest to end Dr Deaths medical career and bring him to justice. Seven more doctors voiced complaints before TMB finally canceled Dr. Death's license. Copyright 2023, D Magazine Partners, Inc. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The eight-part series tells the harrowing true story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch who, across two years, injured 32 of his 38 patients. Dubbed angels of death, they leave a trail of damage andloss for many reasons: human fallibility, malaise, or malice. Then it just started to all unravel.. Christopher Duntsch Early Life Story, Family Background and Education. He secured investments in Discgenics from local spine surgeons, including Robertson and Dr. Kevin Foley, a prominent Memphis neurosurgeon under whom Duntsch would spend a year training as part of a minimally invasive spine surgery fellowship at the Semmes-Murphey Clinic, one of the largest neurosurgery practices in the United States. The real question is:Can this TV show bring about a change in medical law, or how hospitals treat their patients and doctors? Jerry Summers, Duntsch's childhood friend, is now a quadriplegic. Jamie Dornan was originally attached to play Christopher in the beginning. I dont want to be on Channel 8, I dont want to be on Inside Edition. He alleged that Duntsch promised to pay him in stocks and out of his own salary but failed to follow through. Duntsch told Morgan a different story. The Texas DA chose six patients to make their case to the jury: Lee Passmore, Barry Morguloff, Jerry Summers, Kellie Martin, Floella Brown, and Mary Efurd. They described him as the bright, precocious little boy who had taken. I dont want my name out there. She was dancing at a strip club then, and Duntschs business problems were growing more severe. Duntsch landed in jail on a $600,000 bond and waited for the trial to begin. If a person died in the fourth-floor apartment of a complex in Collin County, Passmore was the one who hiked up those four flights with somewhere around 20 pounds of gear on his back and got that body back down. When Duntsch tried to reposition it, he stripped a screw; the cage wasnt going anywhere. The very first complaint should have triggered an investigation. According to Young, there was even a ransom note for her and her two children written in blood. It wasnt his invention, Kukekov says. Passmore, an investigator by trade and by nature, started digging. She says she even filed a temporary protective order against him in April 2012, after he showed up banging on her window at 2 am. He signed a physician services agreement on May 24, 2011, with Rimlawi and Wons Minimally Invasive Spine Institute. Enjoy unlimited access to all of our incredible journalism, in print and digital. Kukekov and Ignatova say Duntsch took more credit than he deserved for the discoveries. But Duntsch soldiered on. I'd call him a sociopath." By the time the Dallas County district attorney's office got involved and brought criminal charges against. These medical professionals do irreparable harm to their patients. His screams poured out of Baylor Planos intensive care unit and down the hallway, creating a panic in his mother. The hospital saved face and avoided any lawsuits. Death: The Undoctored Story, available to stream now. Medical Center at Plano.. The damage is irreversible. Christopher Duntsch was disorganized and undeliberate. If he wasnt doing research, he was out with Jerry Summers, partying, Morgan said in the deposition. He stayed in town for his undergraduate degree, emerging from the University of Memphis in 1994. Death after botching 33 of38 surgeries over a two-year span, inside the apartment covered in blood, holding her gun in one hand and a knife in the other, she said. His investors took him to court. I dont have feeling in my feet, and I will slip and fall off that damn ladder, he says today. Matt Goodman is the online editorial director for. Dawsons Creek heartthrob Jackson stars as the titular character of Dr Death, which ended up becoming Duntschs nickname after the accusations came out. His mom was a teacher. During this time, out of three procedures, one patient died and another was partially paralyzed. For the DA though she proved to be a good witness. Dont worry about it, he repeated. According to an article by WFAA, Christopher Duntsch's father Don stated his son had called him, completely beside himself, when he botched several surgeries. He is a graduate of Evangelical Christian School in the Cordova suburb of Memphis, where he starred in football. Duntsch's resume shows a doctorate in microbiology from the St. Jude Children'sResearch Hospital. And not just Dallas CountyI dont recall hearing about it anywhere.. At The University of Tennessee, his supervisors were also investors in Duntsch's company, Discgenics. It is during this period that Duntschs carefully built faade began showing its first cracks. Dr Death, un nuevo programa que llegar a Peacock el jueves (15 de julio), se basa en la historia de la vida real de Christopher Duntsch, un ex neurocirujano que era, como dijo un famoso titular de ProPublica, "tan malo que era criminal".. Joshua Jackson interpreta a Duntsch, que ahora tiene 50 aos y cumple cadena perpetua despus de ser condenado en 2017 por mutilar a uno de sus . I dont know if hes there to harm me or what his true intentions were, she said in the docuseries. He has left a novels worth of defenses on the web, in PDFs, and in comments below news stories. No autopsy was done (at the familys request) but it is well-documented that the stroke was due to a left vertebral artery injury due to Dr. Duntschs horrendous surgical technique, wrote surgeon Randall Kirby in a letter to the Texas Medical Board. He was a phenomenal partner right up until the pandemic hit and we got shut down. He gained experience writing grants, and earned more than $3 million in local, state, and federal funding for research projects where he served as principal or co-principal investigator. There are a lot of explanations proposed for why the real-life subject of Peacock's "Dr. Death" limited series, neurosurgeon Dr. Christopher Duntsch (played by Joshua Jackson), maimed and. But thats all. Famously known by the Family name Christopher Daniel Duntsch, is a great neurosurgeon and convicted criminal for malpractice.He was born on April 3, 1971, in Montana. He thought about how all that might have been stolen from him in a matter of hours. Duntsch allegedly arrivedat the hospital three hours after the surgery wasplanned to start and began the procedure. Most of the time, she said, their relationship was confined to his office. And not just Dallas County, I don't recall hearing about it anywhere." It was clear to anyone whos not a complete idiot that they were a thing, he says. Duntsch's license was finally revoked in June 2013, after he had killed two patients and maimed 31 others. He wanted to find who Duntsch trained under, who his supervisors were. But its the only way to get anybody to listen. The full story of Duntsch's actions can be read in Matt Goodman's D Magazine feature from 2016, when the magazine first coined him "Dr. Death.". It got to be too much. Likely due to Duntsch'sattemptto staunch the blood loss, Brown suffered a buildup of pressure in her brain. He hadnt seen it with his own eyes. Hoyle stepped in front of Duntsch to block his way. By December, Duntsch wrangled privileges at Legacy Surgery Center of Frisco, and Kirby, in his letter to the Texas Medical Board, narrated another grim outcome: Jacqueline Troys vocal cord was paralyzed, and her esophagus and trachea had become connected, an unheard of complication. A corrective surgery happened two weeks later, after she arrived at the emergency room of Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas, where Kirby practiced. July 19, 2021 The former neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch was finally brought to justice after injuring and maiming over 30 of his patients during surgery and allegedly causing the deaths of two more. This could be path-breaking in the future ofcancer treatment andDr. Duntsch sniffed out the opportunity right away. The 30 Rock alum also heads up the cast of the Peacock series as a doctor, though he plays one of the surgeons working to take Duntsch down. Saul Elbein writes in the Texas Observer that Dr. Hendersonsent him a recording of his complaint to the Texas Medical Board. I have taken one selfie in my lifeon a dare. He would climb a ladder and take aerial photos of crime scenes to aid in the death investigation. During a deposition with Passmores lawyer, attorney James Girards, a woman named Megan Kane recalls Duntsch eating a paper blotter of LSD and taking prescription painkillers on his birthday in either 2006 or 2007. A husband and wife pair of Russian stem cell scientists, Valery Kukekov and Tatyana Ignatova entered the picture. And of course, there are many in the medical field who go above and beyond the call of duty. Jackson stars as Christopher Duntsch, the titular nicknamed neurosurgeon, in Peacock's limited series based on the Wondery podcast of the same name (and of course the real-life former doctor's. Create your free profile and get access to exclusive content. and a Ph.D. Nobody stopped him soon enough. Passmore is still fighting. He said, "What I am being is what I am, one of kind, a mother f****r stone cold killer that can buy or own or steal or ruin or build whatever he wants.".

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