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At the time, Steven was 20 years old, and Jody was 17. Following a year of dating, the two were married in June 1985. While both of them are fairly well-known, its for entirely different reasons. That's when our lives were flipped upside-down. Steven had disciplinary issues at school and racked up more than $1000 in traffic fines by the time he was 19 years old. They married in June 1985 after a year of their engagement. So, for those of you interested, here we are with Jody Edmondson Bio easing queries about Stevens wife. Sadly, the love of her life Matthew passed away in Oct 2014. Steven began dating Jody Edmondson in 1984 and the couple married in 1985. Their daughter, Ashle is a Buhach Colony High School and American Military University graduate who went on to work as a SrA at Air Force until Oct 2011. 1985-1989 Steven Stayner/Wife. But it wasnt what has been tagged the Missouri Miracle. It was 1980. Steven unexpectedly died in a motorcycle crash in 1989 when he was 24 years old. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Watch: The Truth Behind Our Obsession With True Crime Stories. Per his Facebook posts, he served in the military. Cary Stayner had decided the day after Valentine's Day would be the day he killed Lenna and her family. They had very few memories of their father and learned about his life the way most people did: through the media. Lenna said that after Cary Stayner's arrest, her family placed a Beanie Baby peace bear on a little, wicker float down the Merced River to give them peace about everything that happened. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of theTerms and Conditions. Jody Edmondson Stayner has all the earmarks of being remarried and carrying on with an ecstatic existence with her ongoing spouse Craig Gumm today. As said by his main little girl Ashley, her dad Stayner fills in as a motivation to her and furthermore communicated her desire to be like him. The case remains unsolved . However, as we all know, that turned when pedophile Kenneth Parnell abducted Steven in 1972, and the Stayners allegedly began to neglect their children. Steven Stayner is both a kidnapping victim-turned-national hero. Lenna said police told her family Cary Stayner tried three times to kill them. Much is unknown about how Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby were treated during their abduction. Lenna said Cary Stayner always carried a backpack. When they got married, Steven Stayner was 30 years old and Jody Edmondson was also 17 years old. Lenna said that at the time, Cary Stayner, in his 30s and handsome, appeared "safe" to her, her mother and younger sister. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. [CDATA[// >