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"[14] He has been dubbed "The Chameleon Killer" due to his use of various aliases and his crime spree which stretched across the country. Rasmussen is believed to be responsible for several other murders, including that of Denise Beaudin, his known girlfriend,[5] who disappeared in 1981. Inside, he found two bodies, dismembered, wrapped in plastic bags, and highly skeletonized beyond recognition, Oxygen reported. Now we need to identify and try to find all of his victims.. When I got up in the morning, I pulled my shades back, there was clouds and a beautiful blue sky, and there was seagulls circling in the sky, they were beautiful. His true identity, Terry Rasmussen, was not revealed by authorities until 2017. One of the victims had been his daughter. He was polite and soft spoken and very smart, and with his twinkly blue eyes he could get somebody to maybe trust him, Gruenheid told 20/20. All we were really trying to do was to determine where Eunsoon was and if she was okay. Marie E. Vaughn was first, born in 1971, then Sarah L. McWaters was born in 1977, according to the New Hampshire Department of Justice. More than 30 years later, is it possible to get to the truth and who gets to tell it? Police believe her answer indicates they may have been killed by Rasmussen, too. [5] Throughout 1980, he was arrested in Manchester three times for writing a bad check, theft, and diverting electric current. Honeychurchs youngest daughter, Sarah, was laid to rest in Connecticut, near her fathers family. [20], In January 2017, it was announced that Denise Beaudin, who had been missing since 1981, was connected to the murders. The Allenstown Four. My father's real full name is Terry Peder Rasmussen, and he was born Dec. 23 of 1943, Diane Kloepfer told 20/20.. And the last story, the one that would tie them all together: the disappearance of a woman named Denise Beaudin from Manchester, New Hampshire. In 1995, scavengers found a refrigerator containing what former San Joaquin County Assistant Sheriff John Huber believes may be another one of Rasmussens victims. The children both went through periods where they were in the custody of their fathers, but Marlyse would later regain guardianship. He settled in New Hampshire sometime in the late 1970s. Bear Brook | S2 - TRAILER Trailer: Bear Brook S2: A True Crime Story 00:00 03:23 The only evidence against him? The family was comprised of Sarah McWaters, an infant, her older sister Marie Elizabeth Vaughn, and their mother Marlyse Honeychurch. This isn't the big news we're hoping to break - stay subscribed for another full episode of Bear Brook that we hope to bring you soon. It's just kind of sitting out in the woods., The brother that found the barrel went over to it and tried to lift the top of the barrel and when he did that, we were hit with a smell that was absolutely putrid. Murders", "N.H. missing woman case linked to bodies found in steel drums in state park", "AG: NH cold cases linked to California murder", National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, "Video of police interview with 'Bob Evans' released; authorities hope for clues about killer", "Authorities reveal actual identity of killer known as 'Bob Evans', "True ID of 'Chameleon' Killer Revealed Terry Peder Rasmussen", "New Hampshire's Most Infamous Cold Case Leads to Unrelated 1985 Tenn. When alternate versions are told by lawyers and podcasters as part of a mounting effort to free Jason Carroll from prison and clear his name. This is the twisted story of the Bear Brook Murders. In 1985 two bodies were discovered in a barrel in the Bear Brook State Park. Want to make sure that NHPR continues creating projects like Bear Brook? Jenson said after those two weeks, the Deckers could arrange for their daughter to adopt Lisa, police said. [5] In 1989, he received a three-year prison sentence for child abandonment. [2] He often worked as an electrician for oil and gas companies. [34] Two months later, Robert Evans was confirmed as Terry Peder Rasmussen, through Y-DNA testing from a DNA sample contributed by one of his sons from what is believed to be his first marriage. [38], Marlyse had previously married Marie's father in June 1971 and divorced by 1974. A paternity test comparing Rasmussens blood from prison and a sample police had from 5-year-old Lisa showed Rasmussen was not her father. Click here to donate $20. Police believe Terry Rasmussen, a man one expert deemed the worst serial killer, murdered the four women and children found stuffed into barrels in a New Hampshire state park decades ago. ET on ABC. The only evidence against him? He was just a really, really bad man, one of the worst, Jensen said. There's always that hope, but nothing's definite.. Diane Kloepfer is one of four biological children Terry Rasmussen fathered in his marriage. Armand Beaudins daughter Denise Beaudin is Lisas mother. [2] All four of the victims were either partially or completely skeletonized; they were believed to have died between 1977 and 1981. He would say, Well she's busy taking care of her mother or She was going to get some therapeutic help, Rose said Vanner told her. I was contacted one day by my nephew, and he was working with the sheriff's department out in California, Armand Beaudin told 20/20. They requested for me to do a DNA [test], and they discovered that I was the actual grandfather.. More than 30 years later, is it possible to get to the truth and who gets to tell it? February 27, 2023 We begin with the story police told about Sharon Johnson's murder. Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Known by a lengthy list of aliases, Terry Peder Rasmussen has been dubbed "The Chameleon Killer" for assuming so many different identities as he infiltrated families and destroyed lives in New Hampshire and California. Honeychurch was last seen at her mothers house in La Puente, California, around Thanksgiving in 1978. Although this moment is bittersweet, they had their names back on this day. [4] The identities of the middle child, who Rasmussen fathered, and her mother remain unknown. The only evidence against him? Then, 15 years later on May 9, 2000, a second 55-gallon drum was discovered in the same area. There could be a variety of women out there who could be potential victims.. 1971) and Sarah Lynn McWaters (b. THE CHAMELEON KILLER 'Bear Brook Murders' Starcasm Staff September 5, 2021 The Chameleon Killer, True Crime For 30 years the killer of bodies found in barrels near Bear Brook State Park,. [8][39] It is believed that all four victims were murdered before 1981, as Rasmussen was known to have left New Hampshire after this time. In October 2018, the New Hampshire Public Radio released a podcast called Bear Brook, which explored the bizarre, unique case. Authorities have connected 5 murders to Rasmussen and they fear there are more. A chameleon is revealed. On November 10, 1985, a barrel was found by hunters on private property close to Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire. Deza was identified by Othram on February 23, 2023. Published: Mar. [21], The youngest girl, later identified as McWaters, was estimated to be 1 to 3 years old,[9][19] had long blond or light brown hair, was between 2ft 1in (0.64m) and 2ft 6in (0.76m) tall, and also had a gap between her front teeth.[22][23]. We have never stopped looking, he said. Since 2017, he has been named as a suspect in several other crimes. The bodies of his girlfriend, California woman Marlyse Elizabeth Honeychurch, her two daughters, and his own daughter were discovered in two barrels in Allenstown, New Hampshire, in 1985 and 2000. [16], Elizabeth Lamotte was 17 years old when she disappeared from the Youth Development Center in Manchester in 1984. Under a plea deal, an additional charge of child abuse was dropped. On June 6, 2019, the New Hampshire Attorney General's office revealed that investigators had successfully identified three of the four Bear Brook murders victims. Roxane Gruenheid was a homicide detective at the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office. A sister and two nieces.. A fourth victim in the . Anyone who is aware of a missing child or a missing child and her mother from the late 1970s to early 1980s can call New Hampshire State Police at 603-271-2663 or email coldcaseunit@dos.nh.gov.. [4][14] The two were buried in an Allenstown cemetery with a tombstone that read: "Here lies the mortal remains known only to God of a woman aged 23-33 and a girl child aged 8-10. [12][6], Rasmussen died, aged 67, while imprisoned at High Desert State Prison[5] on December 28, 2010. [10] These bodies were also in a metal 55-gallon drum, and police believe that all four murders occurred at roughly the same time, despite investigators inexplicably missing the second drum in 1985. Hes your atypical serial killer, Strelzin said. The hunt for a serial killer stretches to California as detectives unravel a tangled web of abuse and murder created by one man with many fake identities. My father's been outta my life since I was, like, 6 or 7, she said. After an argument with her family, she left with Rasmussen and her two daughters, six-year-old Marie Elizabeth Vaughn and one-year-old Sarah Lynn McWaters. They remained an unsolved mystery, until 15 years later another two bodies were . The Bear Brook murders (also referred to as the Allenstown Four) are female American murder victims, two discovered in 1985 and two in 2000, at Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire, United States. [29], Evans died in prison in December 2010. [6] These techniques have since been used in other high-profile cases, including the Golden State Killer case, leading to the arrest of suspect Joseph James DeAngelo in April 2018. The identities of Honeychurch and her two children were not known until they were confirmed by DNA profiling in 2019. We have his eyes. The mother of the middle child, the unidentified girl in the second barrel found at Bear Brook in 2000, who was determined to be Rasmussens biological daughter, has also never been found nor identified. [6], Rasmussen lived in a number of states including Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Oregon, Hawaii and California. I got a little crazy with it, she said. and I went, This can't be, Rose said of learning her friend was gone. She said her mother and Rasmussen got married in 1968 in Hawaii. In the early days of the investigation, authorities publicized the case in the United States and some parts of Canada. Known at times as Curtis Kimball, others as Larry Vanner, and frequently as Bob Evans, the killers true name was revealed as Terry Rasmussen in 2017 seven years after his death. He would say she decided she didn't like me anymore and didn't want me in her life. Marlyse was excited to be a mom. But as it turned out, that person had been several different people throughout his life. Four months later, Ron Montplaisir, who was an Allenstown, New Hampshire police officer at the time, got a call from dispatch to meet a hunter at the edge of the woods. Crime News is your destination for true crime stories from around the world, breaking crime news, and information about Oxygen's original true crime shows and documentaries. Rasmussen has been linked to five horrific murders and authorities fear there are more. For more than two decades, the Bear Brook murders remained a complete mystery. [8] A second barrel was found about 100 yards from the first one in 2000 containing the body of McWaters and an unidentified child aged between two and four years old. [2] The three girls were thought to also have some Native American heritage; they had light or European-American complexions. It was the first time, researchers claimed, that genetic genealogy had been successfully employed in a murder case. They are: Marlyse Elizabeth Honeychurch, the adult woman whose remains were discovered in 1985, and her two biological daughters, Marie Elizabeth Vaughn and Sarah Lynn McWaters. Police and FBI agents conducted a search in Manchester after receiving an anonymous tip regarding Daneault in November 2017, after Rasmussen was announced as the Bear Brook killer. Rasmussen's identity was confirmed via DNA from a son from his first marriage. One of the brothers just pushed the barrel over. [15], The fourth victim's identity is not yet known, but investigators stated that through advanced DNA testing they could confirm the child was Rasmussen's. Terry Rasmussen poses as "Curtis Kimball" in an arrest photo from 1990. [28] Beaudin disappeared from Manchester, New Hampshire, along with her young daughter and then-boyfriend Robert "Bob" Evans. May their souls find peace in Gods loving care.. He died in prison in 2010 after being convicted of her 2002 murder. Maricopa County Sheriffs Department, Arizona. The focus from this day forward should be to find the family of that little girl, he said. He was also confirmed, via DNA, to be the father of a 2-to-4-year-old girl who was one of the Bear Brook victims. According to investigators, the reason that it took so long for the second drum to be recovered is that it was located outside the proximity of the initial crime scene. In the show's second season, host Jason Moon returns with a new, even more complex story: In 1989, New Hampshire police . Before that, hed been jailed in 1988 for driving a stolen vehicle under the name Gerry Mockerman, and even earlier in 1985 for drunk driving and child endangerment. Online, she found a post from someone who mentioned the name Sarah McWaters. Authorities on Thursday revealed that they had identified three of the four victims in the chilling cold case known as the Bear Brook murders . 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Host Jason Moon documents how those involved grapple with the idea that the prevailing story about who killed Sharon Johnson could be a lie. The hunter had been stalking deer on a property adjacent to New Hampshire's Bear Brook State Park. Bear Brook murder victims remembered. We do regrettably fear that his daughter's mother is probably another victim somewhere, Carol Schweitzer, of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, said. The bodies could not be identified at the time, leading the case to go cold. I guess dying serves him right, Rose said. Inside The Rise And Fall Of Atlantic City, Retired Kansas City Detective Roger Golubski Charged With Sex-Trafficking Teenage Girls In The 1990s, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch.

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