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Her death followed two difficult years during which she battled drug and alcohol addiction, her husband filed for divorce, and she was charged twice with driving while intoxicated. But I lived it. Sep 25, 2014 - Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. and Mary Richardson on their wedding day. Plot. Perhaps nobody was guilty. Just because the illness may not be outwardly visible doesnt mean the person suffering from it isnt struggling.. I knew there wasnt going to be happy ending, the way things were going before her death, says John Hoving, but Marys suicide was a conscious decision She could no longer see the light. He could have written a hundred pages about her wit and beauty, a hundred more about her generosity and love, and still more about her concern for others and the originality of her mind. He was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Burial. Not everyone agrees, including the Richardsons, who maintain that their sisters suicide was fueled more by angst over Kennedys womanizing than by her mental problems. Bobby went on to write in his affidavit that "a few weeks later, looking for something in Mary's bureau, I found a collection of Kick's lost items concealed beneath a layer of Mary's clothing." And I just looked at her. BETTER TIMES: The late Mary Richardson Kennedy and husband Robert Kennedy Jr. seem happy in 2010 at their Westchester estate filled with historic political memorabilia. Thomas Richardson, the titular leader of the family, replied, asking that these emails stop: "We will be forced to respond in kind, and the record that we will be forced to set forth is not one that Bobby will be pleased to have on paper or in electronic form.". Another Richardson friend concurs. Mary was always with the Kennedys, says a friend. American interior designer, and philanthropist, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, "New Questions Arise About Mary Richardson Kennedy's Suicide", "Why Aren't There More Classic Irish Whiskey Cocktails? I do not believe this is accurate. Perhaps Mary Richardson Kennedy was, and had been for some time, a desperately sick woman. [5], In 1993, Richardson worked for the firm Parrish Hadley Design as an architectural designer. Those waters, which had once been dark with pollution, were now on the way to becoming clean again thanks to the crusading zeal of environmentalists such as Bobby. And Mary knew that. Mary Kathleen Richardson was born on October 4, 1959, and was raised in Bayonne, New Jersey. I appreciate you in every way.". If she saved herself, she risked losing her childrenher greatest fear., Suddenly, Richardson, who had thrived on meeting her childrens every need, could only see them a few hours on Sunday and two days a week after school in the presence of her caretaker and housekeeper. Saoirse, who had spoken candidly about her years-long depression and the need to de-stigmatize discussions of mental health, was found unresponsive at the Kennedy family compound on Thursday and pronounced dead soon after. Almost every time Bobby drove her to the airport at the end of the weekend, she seemed to have lost something that created all kinds of unnecessary problems. "Mary talked about going to therapy a lot with Bobby and talking about all his affairs," says one of Mary's friends. While Bobby thrived on chaos, Mary needed structure and constancy and could not rest if there was an unmade bed in the house. Theyve had so much tragedy in the family that its got to be hard for them to reconcile it all, says family biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli. It wasn't only that she was gorgeous, but that she had an intellect to match, a nearly photographic memory, and a promising career as an architectural designer. She had been Kerry Kennedy's maid of honour at her wedding in 1990. One local who knew her and her mother believes her death was accidental. She is called a gifted architect and a "relentless advocate of green design". Mary Richardson Kennedy was born on October 4, 1959, in New Jersey, America. Almost everyone, including Mary's own therapists, thought that the marriage was so damaging to both of them that it must end. Mary Richardson Kennedy was active for years with the Boys . He didnt want his kids thinking that their mother killed herself because their father left., Richardson refused to consider divorce, quietly hiring Bienstock a year later. ), In two seconds flat, says Hoving, Mary could flip from anger and rage into white-picket-fence mode, put on her Martha Stewart face and convince anybody, including her own family, that she was in control of her faculties, environment, and personal matters. Was I surprised that Mary killed herself? "Her features would change with her jaw set forward, her face paled, her eyes notably darkened, her voice alternatively breathy or hard. She is suspected of overdosing, according to multiple news outlets, though her cause of death is pending a toxicology report. In fact, the surprise is not that she died so young, but that she willed herself to stay alive so long. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., left, and his children turn away after paying their respects at the casket of Mary Richardson Kennedy, in St. Francis Xavier Cemetery in Centerville, Mass., Saturday, May 19, 2012. I opened the door and she leapt out of her bed and hit me with a roundhouse punch that, had I not blocked it, would have undoubtedly broken my face. The former Mary Richardson, a longtime connection of the Kennedy clan, married Robert Kennedy Jr., a prominent environmental lawyer and the son of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of President . As Kennedy would report at her funeral, Richardson told him that everything was her fault and that she needed him to take care of her. Then Mary, according to someone familiar with the situation, offered a bizarre solution to the couples divorce/custody dilemma: offering that it was best for the kids, Richardson suggested that Kennedy, Hines, and she live together (harkening back to her girlhood wish of having a room in Kerrys house). But while her estranged husband sobbed from the church pulpit at her funeral as he described her demons, friend Carole Radziwill told PEOPLE in 2012: Battling demons? Death. IE 11 is not supported. She and Kerry traveled with Bobby on one of his rafting trips to Colombia, but Bobby was not quite urbane enough for her tastes. "Mary was fooling around with Bobby when he was married to Emily, but that marriage was essentially over," says one of Bobby's closest friends. Mary Kennedy: 1959-2012", "Antidepressants in RFK Jr. wife's system", "RFK Jr. rejects blame during eulogy at wife Mary Richardson Kennedy's funeral", "3rd Ceremony Held for Wife of Robert Kennedy Jr", William Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mary_Richardson_Kennedy&oldid=1133938966, Sustainable building in the United States, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 16 January 2023, at 05:48. He has two children with his first wife, Emily Black, and four kids from his marriage to Mary Richardson Kennedy, who died in 2012. The story of Mary Richardson Kennedy is a tale of two Marys, one told by those who lived with her, the other by those who did not, for whom she was "the life of the party," says one of her . When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. It is thought that this hypersensitivity is present even in childhood, during which they will often feel neglected or mistreated. ", "Bobby had this strange lump over his left eye," recalled one of Bobby's oldest friends, who requested that he not be named. The caretaker oftentimes gets exhausted by the unrealistic expectations. Feb. 3, 2009: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., right, and wife Mary Richardson Kennedy arrive at the premiere of "The Pink Panther 2" at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York. [10], On May 16, 2012, Richardson was found dead at her home in Bedford, New York. Still, Richardsons sadness on Monday, says someone who spoke with her that day, was palpable. But Mary learned about the affairs, and she began telling her friends and her family. Mary was intoxicated. Bobby and his surrogates were trying to persuade her that she was definitely going to lose the kids, and, unfortunately, she believed them over us.(Kennedys camp denies this. She was totally vulnerable to himand, ultimately, to herself as well. Just horror. Before she'd married Bobby, Mary had been an architect at the prestigious design firm of Parish-Hadley, where she had worked on an ecologically advanced renovation of the Naval Observatory, the official Washington residence of thenvice president Al Gore. Once they called it Camelot, now they called it the Curse, and the media was having a field day over this latest tragedy to befall one of America's most storied and dysfunctional clans. In the document, Bobby made the startling claim that Mary was physically abusing him and threatening suicide in front of the children. Marys was a classic mental illness, maintains Kerry Kennedy, Richardsons best friend since the pair were boarding-school roommates at Putney, which made her so unlike herselfkind, generous, a wonderful mother, perfect friend, force for good on our earththat it was as if shed been invaded by a foreign body. No divorce is ever easy on the kids, and so it was with the younger of the two, 9-year-old Kick. Mary called all the restaurants in the district saying . And a number believed that by having these outside relationships Bobby was emotionally abusing his wife. You dont get it. Mary Kennedy felt "lost" and "alone" before her death on May 16, a neighbor told the New York Daily News. Rushing over, he checked the attic before tracking down Shannon White, Richardsons AA sponsor, at an 11 a.m., Armonk AA meeting. She was ethereal but not fragilefearless, really, with amazing optimism and fortitude., So persuasive was Richardsons public persona that when her yoga instructor, Colleen Breeckner, called some of Richardsons friends four months before she died, saying that she feared her student was suicidal, nobody believed that shed kill herself, she says. In April 1994, Bobby, 40, married six-months' pregnant Mary, 34, on the deck of the Riverkeeper's research boat, the Shannon. Would you like to donate something for Election Day?" So, when the other campaigns handed out lukewarm coffee and stale donuts, Citizens for Joe brought out a spread of sushi, pad thai, and lobster thermidor from Loch . Other wedding guests included David as well as Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sen. Ed Markey and Kevin Nealon and Ed Begley Jr, PEOPLE previously reported. In 1969, Apollo 9 blasted off from Cape Kennedy on a mission to test the lunar module. She was a beautiful, charming, enthusiastic, devoted, loving mother, but Mary had serious demons that she could not get under control., On the road to dying there are many little deaths. Her autopsy report also revealed that her fingers were caught between her neck and the noose when she was found dead, perhaps indicating that she may have changed her mind about hanging herself at the last minute, the Daily News reported. [1] Richardson's mother was Nancy Higgins, a public school English teacher. I knew she struggled with those for a while. Still, She tried to have a super positive attitude about the challenges she was facing and tried not to let them rule her.. Richardson was devastated. Mary Kennedy is shown at The Plaza Hotel in New York City in this December 2002 file photo. A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media On at least one occasion, she slapped Kick for speaking critically to one of Mary's children, according to the affidavit. At the time of her death, Marys siblings sued Kennedy to have her buried in Westchester, N.Y., closer to where her four children live. It was a very bad day for Mary, says the same friend. In early June, the Richardson family responded to accusations about Marys behavior made by Robert in a court affidavit from the Kennedys divorce case. Pointing to Aidan, she screamed, 'You told this child you didn't love me?' My sister asked, 'Are you OK, Bobby?' Mary, who hung herself at 52 amid a deteriorating marriage with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., struggled with depression before her death. But it had cost double the original estimate, and now, half a dozen years after starting the project, the solar panels were already falling apart, and it was costing $40,000 a month to maintain the house and staff. On June 17, 2011, he wrote an email to them saying, "Mary is a wonderful, generous, kind, and wise person but depression and illness are now killing her. By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. May 17, 2012. celebration from the Hatch Shell on . [7] Following flood damage to her home in 2003, Richardson oversaw a massive salvage job and green rebuild project known as the Kennedy Green House Project. She was 22. Bayonne, Hudson County, New Jersey, USA. Mary Kennedy (ne Richardson), pouse de Robert F. Kennedy Jr., s'est donn la mort le 16 mai 2012, 52 ans. And that night her slide toward suicide gathered steam when two visitors, including a Kennedy sister-in-law, according to accounts of the Bedford police report, showed up at the Kennedy estate, where someone made it clear that if she [Richardson] didnt take a certain actionits unclear whatshe would lose everything including permanent custody of her children. On Saturday, she similarly showed up for Finns parents weekend at Vermonts Stratton Mountain School. "Once, during dinner, Mary grabbed a plate of spaghetti and threw it all on Bobby in front of the children," says the housekeeper. Editor's note: The Richardson family declined to be interviewed for this story. The autopsy revealed that there were at least three antidepressants in her blood when she died. Saoirse Kennedy Hill, granddaughter of assassinated Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and the only child of Courtney Kennedy Hill, was buried Monday afternoon next to her aunt Mary . And she was that way to everybody, not just celebrities but fishermen, cabdrivers, and the guy who installed her floors." "But everything seemed great with Mary, and I didn't think anything about it.". [11][12] Her death was ruled as a suicide by hanging. She married Robert F. Kennedy Jr . May 17, 2012 -- The four children of Robert Kennedy Jr. and Mary Kennedy face a complicated grieving process in the aftermath of her suicide, mental health experts . She was glowing and he was repeatedly saying how much he loved her and how glad he was they had gotten together.". Mary had been getting more labile and desperate, he recalls, still puzzled, but I didnt think it would ever come to that. And both of these things are inherent in this dramatic suicide.". "You have killed my sister," Nan Richardson, a publishing executive, said to Bobby, according to several people there. When Bobby arrived back at the house with his brother Chris and a close friend, the Richardsons asked him to leave what they said was not his house. But like with everybody else, there was a dark side that could take overand did.. They were both recovering in 12-step programs and had exhibited destructive, addictive behavior. [Robert] didnt realize how crowded the area was until after the funeral, and he wanted to have the ability to lay his wife to rest among her family members, Maki said. Today. He wield[ed] power over her using emotional ping-pong, idealizing her one minute, putting her down, the next. When I got there, Aidan was in Mary's room. During the bad episodes, recalls a close friend, Mary always talked about suicide.. I know you think Marys going to kill herself, her brother, Thomas Richardson, replied to Kennedys 1997 email outlining their sisters latest suicide threats and suggesting an intervention, but I guarantee she wont. And then he returned to trying to forget in a series of short-lived affairs. I adored her. Mary Richardson. Though the two had worked together earlier, when Richardson had helped Kennedy with a book project, this time It was like seeing her for the first time, he is known to have commented; the scales fell off my eyesand his heart. ", Bobby had become far more sophisticated, with a growing reputation across America for his work with the environment. "Soon after Mary became pregnant with our first son, Mary, in a sudden rage about my continued friendship with [my ex-wife] Emily, hit me in the face with her fist.

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