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Click the city name to learn more about the City Mayor pay level in these cities. County records show the four lots had a value of $40,000. Elections, big turnout, almost 25% vote. After they moved back to his hometown Lou and Jean were always a team he sold insurance, operated a pizza shop in Grandview, worked for the Redevelopment Authority of the City of McKeesport (a harbinger of things to come), owned a sporting goods store, and became a coach of the McKeesport Little Tigers football program. Giles planned to rehab it into more recovery housing. At that same time and in that same area, Mayor Michael Cherepko was looking to build a home. How much do City of McKeesport employees make? Though Giles has seen prior expansion plans bulldozed, he still hopes to grow First Step. It didnt matter than most of the people using the facility could or did vote for him. In 2013, the city redevelopment agency went to court to take her property and three others by eminent domain. This story was made possible with financial support through the American Press Institute. Lou Washowich only his beloved bride of 58 years, Jean, was allowed to call him Louis! Just to feed his residents, he relies on generosity from restaurants and charity. document.write(first+second+third); Category: News || By "I'm very proud to have had the opportunity to utilize resources available to us to help make this dream a reality," Cherepko said.Lawson does not regret losing her old house and property. Mayor Michael Cherepko estimated that 99% of the people that know anything about McKeesport can relate to the Penn McKee. For that reason, the fate of the old hotel, empty for 30 years, will resonate well beyond the borders of the city of 17,727. Meanwhile state subsidies to our state universities have fallen, forcing schools like UVA, William & Mary, and Virginia Tech to take more out of state students to make up the difference in their budgets. Pay ranges for the same job title may differ based on the location and the responsibilities, skills, experience, and other requirements for a specific job. The four-story hotel was a glamorous gathering spot during McKeesports industrial heyday and even hosted a 1947 debate between future presidents John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, both then members of Congress. Published weekdays (usually), except holidays (and when we have something better to do) at McKeesport, Pa., by Tube City Community Media Inc., P.O. Physical Address: 500 Fifth Avenue Second Floor McKeesport, PA 15132. We are also getting $480,000 from the Liquid Fuels tax, and oddly enough, thats the exact amount we want to spend on Street Lighting. My relapses are a pattern, he said. Feb 2017 Instead of being drafted by the NFL, Lou was a draft choice for the U.S. Army, and ended up in Fort Knox, Ky., where he signed the best long-term contract of his life he met and married his wife Jean. Im not expressing an opinion on any of the aforementioned people other than to provide context to help the reader create a frame of reference for time and place. Tube City Online does not collect personal information from visitors for any reasons. If its just too overwhelming, too dangerous, I understand.. See our privacy policy. I am fiscally responsible for the tax dollars in the City of McKeesport, Cherepko told Giles in the first of two testy encounters before city council. Then the public comment period started, and again Giles took to the podium. McKeesport Mayor Michael Cherepko praised the police department's response to an officer that was shot outside of the department. Also, the McKeesport sign was donated by McKeesport Hospital (its their old sign) and didnt cost anyone anything, as far as I know. The students that are learning at our world class universities in nearby Oakland take what theyve learned here and start new industries and expand the US economy (some place else). Not responsible for lost or stolen articles. On this late October day, the residents were all en route to the convention in Erie. He said he tried to walk away from the argument, but Giles kept drawing him back. Van Osdol asked. Instead the city razed the house last summer, then billed First Step for the costs, which Giles said were around $12,600. Feb 2016 People dont realize how much damage that does to a community, he told council. Im not here to serve as a PR person for the city or anyone else, but I dont know what too much is. Lou's salary was $22,000 per year, while he and Jean were trying to raise two growing young sons who . In the past five years, Brewster said, 150 new businesses have located in the city, though he noted that some had only a few employees. Rumor has it, he routinely rode the streetcar I hope you all can remember them or at least heard about them which ran down Fifth Avenue from Glassport past McKeesport Hospital by hanging on the back for lack of that nickel. Patrolling a city by foot or car brought different challenges. (The ARPA money, he said at another point in the meeting, might be used in part to subsidize things like roof repair and the sale of vacant lots.). With funding from RAD, Mayor Lou was able to support the operations of Renziehausen Park by establishing it as a regional destination point for a range of recreational pursuits including trails, sports (both youth and adult), pavilions for picnics, and the restoration of Lake Emilie as a fishing lake all of this in a city that was broke! "It depends on how you look at it. The mayor hopes to move into his new home in the next month. So, not only do our kids get the shaft now, theyll get it later as well. The two had planned to meet to discuss First Steps funding needs, but instead argued about a call Giles made to the editor of the Tube City Almanac, an online news outlet covering the Mon Valley. I would not have bought the property with all the liens. And remember, the city previously paid $12,000 in grant money to demolish the buildings. If it can restore a 96-year-old landmark, McKeesport will send a powerful signal to skeptics, the citys mayor said at a public hearing on the fate of the long-abandoned Penn McKee Hotel. Every major business --- banks, airlines, insurance companies, auto manufacturers --- was shaken." After the fire, the city spent $12,000 to tear down the two homes that were burned and another abandoned home next door. McKeesports main ZIP code, 15132, has seen 153 fatal drug overdoses since 2008, according to OverdoseFreePA, a state-funded project that tracks the epidemic throughout the state. Nip it! First Step charges employed residents 30% of their earnings for room and board, capped at $300. Oct 01 - Oct 31, 2014 "That's circumventing the system, taking advantage of his position -- something that shouldn't be happening," John Luenberger said. East Liberty did it, and they have NO PARKING. You can pick one up on ebay fairly cheap(and they run themselves). He said he couldnt distribute public dollars to organizations that werent in good standing., Giles didnt dispute the debt. That's what I did, I signed it," Lawson said.In 2013, the city redevelopment agency went to court to take her property and three others by eminent domain. The cost of totally demolishing the building would be around $1 million, he added. Two others house the men they serve, and the fourth includes a gym. Here are the top five states that pay the highest City Mayor salary in the United States. I have been talking to people at Sheetz for 3 years now trying to get one in or around the city, they think Rt30 is as close as they want to get. Nip it!John M. - December 09, 2009, Please can someone guide me to the citys light switch so I can turn it off and we ( all the decent citizens still left) can all finally leaveCox's Jimmy - December 09, 2009, I get this feeling that if we all got free chocolate ice cream and $2,000 tax rebate checks, half of us would bitch because we wanted vanilla, and others would complain about the lines at the bank.Webmaster - December 09, 2009, So true. McKeesport collects 1.2 percent earned-income tax and property taxes of 4.26 mills on buildings and 16.5 mills on land. He reported for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Honestly, I dont know where these figures come from. Lous vision would have forever changed the whole valley, just as the Meadowlands and Southpointe have changed the face of Washington County with a business park, outlet stores and more. That house was owned by Josephine Lawson. Eventually, developers will be able to assemble parcels of land and build tracts of decent, attractive, and hopefully affordable housing. Employers: This data could be used as reference point in your market pricing, but not the only source, due to differences across jobs locations, and sizes of companies.Consider additional sources like our Employer reported data. And it has such a huge amount of information.oops.Obviously it carries the same message that those in power have been saying about McKeesport for years.Coming Soon. The city declared it a nuisance. Matthew Craig, executive director of the Young Preservationists Association of Pittsburgh, stands in front of the . Obviously, our city leaders have never had to live paycheck to paycheck (at least since they landed this job), or they would learn how to trim the fat, LOWER taxes (Keeping them at the current rate is not good enough), and start some REAL projects that impact a larger section of the population. As a city tries to demolish its way to rebirth, a veteran team of addiction recovery workers struggles to avoid fiscal collapse. Do you feel more informed? Learn about salaries, benefits, salary satisfaction and where you could earn the most. D-McKeesport, said he was mayor of the city and serving on the authority board when the idea . I think the Whole Foods idea is a good one, John. This riverfront park evolved into a site for concerts and ultimately a marina, which was built after he left office. Recent grants of $15,000 from The Pittsburgh Foundation and $9,999 from the Allegheny County Health Department would help in the short term, he said. (Photo by Ryan Loew/PublicSource), In years past, hed gone to recovery homes to avoid winter on the street or meet terms of probation. Whenever the mayor or council suggest anything, the message boards lite up with how stupid they are.silvblk12 - December 11, 2009, Yes, its definitely true everywhere. While this was a good choice for the city, it made Lou no friends and cost him political capital in the region. The city's biggest source of revenue --- accounting for $3.9 million --- is earned-income taxes, while property tax income amounts to a little more than $2.4 million. they're right," said Brewster, which is why the city will "aggressively" continue demolishing abandoned houses in all 12 wards. The Mayor acts as the chief executive of the City in performing all acts required to be performed under the laws of the State of California and our City Charter. People at a McKeesport shopping complex who spoke with Action News Investigates were unaware of the city program and skeptical of the mayor's motives. City officials are working hard with what little is coming in and the staff members who get grant money for the City ought to be congratulated. He became rich, however, through his experiences and friendships with many days when he did not have a nickel in his pocket. Im talking about money to help First Step with the homeless, with the drug and alcohol issues, and dont tell me you dont think theres an opioid crisis here in the community.. Aug 2016 You save the Penn McKee Hotel, if its savable.. The largest single expenditure in the $19 million budget is nearly $4.5 million for the city's 60-person police department, which includes 10 detectives, 24 full-time patrol officers and part-time police. Public works projects like removing blighted houses are small steps towards making the City more livable. To search for jobs in other locations, fill in the title and locations to begin your search. The employment base of U.S. Steels National Works and the tax base that went with it all but disappeared in his first term. How much does a City Mayor make in Mckeesport, PA? The American Rescue Plan Act [ARPA] steered $130 billion to local governments, including $24.7 million to McKeesport. It was a plan to reinvent the mill site into an entertainment venue. Rich Lord is PublicSources economic development reporter. Matthew Craig, executive director of the Young Preservationists Association of Pittsburgh, stands in front of the north wing of the Penn McKee Hotel building in McKeesport. "That's an area I was born and raised in," Cherepko said. On top of the recession, the mayor said, the city has continued to serve one of Allegheny County's poorest and oldest populations, yet has avoided state-controlled Act 47 "distressed" status. No content yet, but real professional looking.John M. - December 08, 2009, Yes, the website looks like it just arrived from 2002. I dont know where we are buying light bulbs, but we better ask the guys at Sun-Ray for a deal, becuase I think we are being ripped off. California and District of Columbia take the second and third place with $101,225 per Year and $100,799 per Year in the list. In other news: McKeesport's mayor has declared a state of emergency after the city's public works garage caught fire Sunday morning, damaging vehicles and equipment. That's more than the city's 2021 budget, which was $22.1 million, and was down slightly from the prior year. It just seems what matters most to us changes daily. Approaching the gym, Mikell recounted the workouts that changed his life. Or even a big Market District. They coached the Little Tigers side-by-side, but in later years, fought loudly when Lou was the mayor and Bill was the president of Teamsters Union Local 205. 2023, Hearst Television Inc. on behalf of WTAE-TV. McKeesport Mayor Michael Cherepko posted the following statement on Facebook: "As mayor of the city of McKeesport, I feel compelled to publicly address an issue that has come to my attention via . Why are we struggling every year to try to meet a budget when other agencies dont have that problem? he wondered aloud. If they werent under his roofs, some might be homeless, committing crimes to support their addictions. This story was fact-checked by Amelia Winger. Contractors might, however, be able to remove the south wing and then retrofit the north wing, removing the asbestos and repairing the roof and steel framing, said Anselmo. Topping the list is Washington, with Maryland and New York close behind in second and third. var domain = 'gmail.com'; Unlike the mayor, a woman who owns one of the few recently built homes in McKeesport said she didn't get a dime's worth of help from the city. Glassdoor has salaries, wages, tips, bonuses, and hourly pay based upon employee reports and estimates. Plus the ARPA funding was coming. Weve got TONS of space here, 2 parking garages, and a major highway running right the hell through the middle of town. Only three new homes, including the mayor's, were built in the past decade. Jan 2016 North Huntingdon pays about the same to its road superintendent alone as the city pays for a public works director and North Huntingdon also has an assistant road superintendent to boot. His First Step family is facing a crisis. This house on Fifth Avenue in McKeesport, once owned by Keenon Mikell, is now deeded to the McKeesport City Redevelopment Authority. "Well, I can understand how it could be perceived as that," Cherepko said.The mayor said he's offering the same deal to anyone who wants to build a home in McKeesport -- a city peppered with derelict buildings. The McKeesport community is mourning the loss of one of their police officers who died in the line of duty. He leads the health and wellness program while studying for his masters degree at California University of Pennsylvania. If you keep getting redirected to this page, please enable cookies. Through all the citys financial woes, Lou supported The Intersection soup kitchen on Seventh Avenue. Salaries for the mayor, councilors, solicitor and other city administrators tote up another $1.2 million, while property maintenance costs $1.1 million. Jan 2017 Its been a wreck for real. "It depends on how you look at it. Action News Investigates has learned that the mayor of McKeesport got the property for his house on the cheap, using a city program. Company reviews can provide helpful insights into the company culture, working conditions, benefits, compensation, and training opportunities in City Of Mckeesport. He never found the funding. Pittsburgh's Action News 4 at 11pm Saturday, Old restaurant eyed as strip club burns in McKeesport, Action News Investigates: City ignores elderly woman's pleas to tear down neighboring dilapidated house. var address = 'tubecitytiger'; May 2016 "Tube City Online" and "The Tube City Almanac" are trademarks of Tube City Community Media Inc. registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Any day could consist of fire, medical, or personal emergencies or residents or visitors in need of a various forms of help. As things got worse, the boss, as I was privileged to call him, partnered with the newly created Allegheny Regional Asset District. Last month, McKeesport Mayor Michael Cherepko hosted a delegation from three federal agencies (Department of Housing and Urban Development, Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Agriculture) advising on funding possibilities to speed the redevelopment process along. Full-time officers starting in the department earn a minimum base pay of $68,000, according to the city's 2022 budget. Based on the company location, we can see that the HQ office of City Of Mckeesport is in MCKEESPORT, PA. The south wing of the building cant be saved. With 39 officers, the bonuses totaled $117,000. My program director and I both felt terribly disrespected and not appreciated, Giles told the mayor and council. No, yet the guy in McKeesport is expected to work for less money for doing the same job. The next largest expenditure --- after payments on bonds and the annual tax-anticipation note --- is $2.4 million for the fire department. Get the latest market price for benchmark jobs and jobs in your industry. You need to work hard for success, not have success at the expense of others.Adam - December 08, 2009, True, but again to play devils advocate if you want someone to work for you, you have to pay what the market demands. In fact, the owner said she paid to have the old house demolished. If the Penn McKee cant ultimately be saved, that reality wont define the city, he added. First elected in 1979, Washowich was mayor until 1995. He was 81. BECOME A MEMBER. Enviro 21's expertise in the demolition and waste industry helped construct a bid that ensured the city would pay no extra costs, while complying with all laws and regulations. Do not expose Tube City Online to open flames and keep it out of the reach of children. Mikell said his only option was to hire a lawyer to fight the city, but he didnt think he could afford one. Two abandoned houses on East Street in McKeesport were torched. . We want to try to replicate it here, Giles said as he brought out a binder full of materials on the program and laid it on his desk. City of Baltimore, Mayor's Office of Employment Development, ional Construction Company at City of Baltimore, Mayor's Office of Employment Development, e Director of Construction Training at City of Baltimore, Mayor's Office of Employment Development, Junior Camp Counselor -Mayor's Circle Of Excellence Camp- City of Orange, NJ, City Attorneys Office Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Administrator Mayor's Office of Social Equity and Innovation, Common questions about salaries for a City Mayor. It was then that Lou Washowich became a true leader. Unless it is council who concerned, which makes sense since they only get $4000/yr. In addition, the mayor said, the city will continue to focus on "quality of life" projects, such as the extension of Marshall Drive now underway and next year's planned reconstruction of Fifth Avenue, Downtown, and West Fifth Avenue in the 10th Ward. Learn each job, and finger out the most suitable position with the highest wage for you in your city. No warranty is given or implied for the information and opinions contained herein; the reader uses that information at his or her peril. Lou also entertained requests from a street person named Bill who panhandled him for a buck or two everyday on the street or in his office. Dennis K.E. Previously a City Councilman, who worked as a fifth-grade teacher in the McKeesport Area School District, Michael Cherepko was elected in 2011 to serve McKeesport's near 20,000 residents as Mayor. The latter was not a problem, because Lous ability to judge people which he developed back when he coached the Little Tigers helped him find, trust and obtain the folks he needed to initiate and implement his goals and objectives. CBS News Pittsburgh: Free 24/7 News CBS Pittsburgh App Action News Investigates has learned that the mayor of McKeesport got the property for his house on the cheap, using a city program.Mayor Michael Cherepko says he was given no special favors, but . That Duquesne-based environmental engineering firm was hired by the authority as part of a federal Environmental Protection Agency grant of $500,000 toward the clean-up of the asbestos-laden site. We wish that we had a boatload of money to throw around, but thats not the way it is, the mayor added. Following the hearing, which was required as part of the EPA grant, the public has 30 days to submit written comments to the authority. They may also reveal information or provide tips on interviewing skill requirements, and other factors that could help when applying for a position at that company. Saatva Mattress Review: Our Pick for the Best Overall Bed of 2023, We Found 12 Cute Planters and Flower Pots That Cost Less Than $25, Here's Where to Watch and Stream Marvel's 'Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania' Online. This is a whole new experience for me, said Bunting. Jun 2016 Click here if you wish to opt out and view the full site. (Photo by Lucas Zheng/PublicSource), In McKeesport, a demolition drive pauses at the door of a once-glamorous hotel. Unfortunately the city has been driving business away for so many years it is hard for the public opinion to switch gears. Necessity again became the mother of invention. If you decided it could work, and that was what you were going to do, you could do it, Craig told the authority board. Administrative Based on 1 salaries Assistant 1 salary View More Military & Protective Services Based on 1 salaries Police Detective 1 salary View More Operations It was one of the ways in which he was always available to the public. GeezDan - December 11, 2009. Graduating in Pennsylvania is about to get more complicated. My co-workers were a body of officers who were dedicated to keeping the city safe, protecting one another, and returning back home to their families at the end of their shift. {"requests":{"event":"https://www.publicsource.org/wp-content/plugins/newspack-popups/includes/../api/campaigns/index.php"},"triggers":{"trackPageview":{"on":"visible","request":"event","visibilitySpec":{"selector":"#c022","visiblePercentageMin":50,"totalTimeMin":250,"continuousTimeMin":100},"extraUrlParams":{"popup_id":"id_1279864","cid":"CLIENT_ID(newspack-cid)"}}}} He explained that companies have been calling him asking for developable sites ranging from 2 to 10 acres. Thats when Lou made three of his most important decisions. Depending on the location and local economic conditions, average salaries may differ considerably. Welcome to the TribLIVE.com California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) landing page. First Step often houses men for around a year, and embraces the 12-step recovery program, exercise and dietary improvement, volunteer work, employment and counseling on issues like money management, housing and family reconciliation. What should happen are municipal mergers that would put all of these towns on a level field but the voters hate the idea. Here's what people are saying about City Of Mckeesport. Hed like to counter that. "Absolutely -- for a home, commercial business, whatever," Cherepko said. Individual salaries will, of course, vary depending on the job, department, location, as well as the individual skills and education of each employee. Lous third decision was to pursue a visionary initiative that (sadly) never came into being. Pittman is a retired community development consultant who worked as McKeesport city administrator from 2004 to 2012. If you're unsure of how to do this, click here for a quick guide. My life has been a wreck, he said, eyes damp. That's what I did, I signed it," Lawson said. Gerald Mitchell, a First Step Recovery Homes resident, becomes emotional as he tells a group of residents about his difficult road. Brewster said he would have more to say in his second "state of the city" address, to be delivered to the public in February. He added that in his town, elected officials conduct ourselves with integrity and the utmost respect for each other.. The new mayor received an increase in pay -- from $4,000 a year for serving as a council member to a $70,000 annual salary -- but Mr. McLaughlin promptly cut his pay to $60,000 because $60,000. They occurred in prison. During the years that followed, the management of city government services and safety would be challenged and almost strained out of existence. Lou travelled to Tuskegee, Ala., to study that citys dog racing track, which opened in 1983. . I am not attacking anyone personally, but, over $40,000 for an IT guy? The average salary of a City Mayor is $98,597 in Mckeesport, PA. What is Pay-for-Performance Compensation? That house was owned by Josephine Lawson. Do not back up, as severe tire damage may result. A higher average City Mayor salary indicates a higher cost of living too. Here are some other companies that are located close to City Of Mckeesport. document.write('" title="Email Jason Togyer">'); While Ill not try to pretend that everything is peachy keen in the Mon Valley, you at least didnt have a real estate bubble which wreaked havoc down here in Fairfax County Virginia. "I thought they could at least have given me a dollar, or the mayor could have come and thanked me because he grew up there. I would have a hard time arguing that the city is overpaying people based on raw numbers alone.Webmaster - December 08, 2009, But, comparing those towns to McKeesport doesnt add up. McKeesports new website is looking really good these days.

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