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La historia de cmo los ltimos saiyajines forjaron una amistad inquebrantable que trascendera ms all del tiempo. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. The green man protecting her. |-|Transformations=. I suck in descriptions, I highly doubt they'll make that leap, especially since they aren't together yet." Because he comes from the future and believes he knows what is going to happen, Future Goten is usually shown thinking that only some things will matter and others probably would not (although he is usually right in the long term). After Goku noted the inherit weakness of transforming, a reduction in stamina and ki, Goten learned to perfect this form with his father. His arms channeled his innermost energies, circling around, wisps of it dancing at the tips of his fingers. The pink monster now became thin. Today I decided to return back to the first what if I ever made! His sword also turned into the Sword of Dreams- a white sword with light red edges, larger in size and in the shape of a great sword. While Xeno Goten has no control over his body in this form as he is being controlled by Demigra, he is capable of resisting it mentally as he encourages the Future Warrior to keep on attacking him to dispel Demigra's hold over him. A being of destruction came to the home of the man in search of a god among them after the fight with the pink monster. Just One Punch || BNHA 60 parts Ongoing F! Supreme Kai of Time | Chronoa (Dragon Ball). In the alternative timeline, she had been a young teen. Trunks yells before blasting off towards where Frieza is. He didn't want him to go just yet. If not like, then DON' Another FanFic Hope you guys love it! He also appears to be afflicted with a intense post-traumatic stress as a result the struggles he faced in his apocalyptic nightmarish world. He wanted it to be his own play! Goten stares at the group barely able to tell who is who. Other things, such as his surprise that Piccolo's fusion would make a difference, also show this. Please consider turning it on! Thanks to thos " ? " In the finale of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Demigra possess Future Goten in order to have him fight against the Future Warrior. futurebardock futuregohanxerzascarlet adventure +22 more # 7 Also like his father before him, Future Goten has learned to fear his mothers temper, but this did little to deter the loving bond he desired from his mother for so long. Or Bulma Briefs and the quest to find her dream man. Goten groans. **I don't own any of the characters or the art here I simply found this on Tumblr & thought it was cu Just a quick fic on Goten's teenage problems, lol. They continued to move. (IF A CHAPTER IS MARKED WITH A * SYMBOL, THEN IT HAS BEEN ALTERED FROM IT'S ORIGINAL STATE) I just won't do the Moro and Merus. If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT, DragonBall Super and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. Renders and backgrounds provided by Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, Dragon Ball Legends, Dragon Ball Z: Bucchigiri Match, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. \"Copyright Disclaimer, Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Later during the Cell Games, he wears a red gi identical to his father's: a black short-sleeved undershirt with this gi, dark black wristbands, and black boots with a yellow border and red laces. When Goten is 18 he is fed up with life on earth. Will Gouya and Trunks be . Crackling electricity and their clash breaking the landscape around them in a furious explosion of combat. Also, his aura is surrounded by repeated flashes of blue bio-electricity. His most noticeable accessory is his broadsword hanging on his back and hanging over his right shoulder in a blue sheath with a red strap. Goten feels his level of excitement rise as he realizes it's his father. Today. It's just something I wrote because I was dissatisfied with how Gohan slacked off in canon for seven years. Gohan is having a sweet moment with Videl when Trunks shows up with something to say. From stories of the past an unlikely warrior might just be brought to Trunks' side and an extinct warrior race might rise again to defend Earth or to doom it. If they did, how quite ironic! This plus the dedication to rid his future world of all evil, as it has been through enough, caused Future Goten to attain the form. In this part we cover more of the buu saga I hope you enjoy ! Unlike his father, or alternate timeline self, Future Goten is often shown to be very cold and blunt, but yet a surprisingly polite and well-mannered when required. Orphaning him, this combined with the fact that he grew up in an apocalyptic world, is intelligent, broody, serious, and aggressive (such as when he lashed Goku for not taking the threat of the Androids seriously or when punched him in the face before he began to berate him for not taking heart medication), unlike his main timeline counterpart, who had a personality is very similar to his father's. Additionally, Goten has a noticeable thick battle scar on his right cheek. 28 guests Future Goten transforms for the first time after seeing his older brother Future Gohan killed at the hands of the androids in his timeline. Nevertheless, despite some of his negative quirks, Future Goten is a complete softy on the inside as he shares a few traits with his father such as his genuine kind, polite, loyal, and compassionate nature. Trying to find a way home while fitting in this new world, she had to fight both old and new enemies! Thus, I decided to work on and write a story whose premise doesnt get explored at all, or I have yet to see it. In doing this, the entire course of history is changed forever. This is going to be a truten story this all the information, read if you want to find out more, this is the first book in the Goten x Trunks sieries. Bardock: YUM YUM! When Super Saiyan Rage Future Goten drew upon the power of everything still alive on the planet, he became immensely more powerful, gaining an aura of light energy similar to the Spirit Bomb, only red in color. The man had unlocked a new form, and sent the parasite responsible to the Sun, erasing him from existence. As easily he had dispatched the Emperor, the two were just far stronger. (Two things, the Pilaf Gang never returned in this. The boy from another timeline returned, desperate for help. Dragonball Xz: Episode 75 by The dark TRUNKS. It started with one dream. by LexMar 4.2K 133 14 Trunks is having a hard time at his job at Capsule Corp. Female reader. Just a little Future Gohan and Videl oneshot. :D. All of the information and rules are in the Introduction. If a new story would not form, then he will just make his own! Songfic sulla canzone: What a believe degli Skillet, sulla coppia Mirai Gohan/Mirai Videl. He now has to deal with the trials of dragonball in this new environment. He has red eyes, and hair colored either dark blonde, dark amber yellow or red depending on the media. In this story, you are Trunk's little sister by two years. Age 737 was the starting point where all the future events had begun. His aura flared golden wildly, and his hair the same tone. In his childhood, his hair was somewhat similar to his father's, messy and unkempt. Trunks reminds his little brother. However, Goku told him that this form spends too much ki to be maintained. The boy felt weak as he had a hard time getting back on his feet. Trunks hollers, catching everyone's attention. We've actually seen pictures of your dad, Trunks!" The final image from the first path was the man saying his goodbyes. "Hi, I'm Goku." Please consider turning it on! As such, he is usually surprised at events (on a different layer than the fact that history was different from his recollection). Future Gohan in Yokai Dimension (A. by Bullet's Husband 62.7K 943 21 Age.762 Gohan was battling the Androids. King Vegeta is watching over his son when a stranger comes to Planet Vegeta with news that he can reveal the future. The man saying his goodbyes to his family and friends. In Dragon Ball Super, Future Goten first uses this transformation during his spar with Goku after arriving in the present timeline. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. But that would stop to be the case i Y/N L/N was a time patroller in Conton City who's job was to protect history from being changed. By working to remain transformed for extended periods of time, Goten and his father gradually learned to overcome the transformation's drawback to feel as natural in this form as their base state. Before the time Present Goten was born, the timeline had been altered by him, as well as Cell's trips to the past. His name is very similar to Goku's, as he was likely named after him. Thank you to all my friends who have helped me with this fic by giving it a read! He is capable of being incredibly respectful to anyone who deserves it, especially his mother figure Future Bulma and his late master and only friend Boxres. A round pink monster the man now fought, his golden hair now longer as they clashed. He looked at the current time. This power was enough to slay Fused Zamasu. Trunks had wished that they could fight Cell, which was a terrible mistake. Everyone looks up at Goten too shocked to utter a word, except Trunks that is. Planet Vegeta stood in view, small dots of pods and ships dotting the orb like shape. Trunks' father doesn't seem very pleased though. Future Goten ( Mirai no Goten) is the Saiyan and Earthling hybrid son of Future Goku and Future Chi-Ch from an alternate future. Hey guys what's up it's AblazeMonkee I'm back for another video in today's video we are going to be continuing what if goten was in the future this is the wh. Wow this kid looks like Goku wait what if he is no way Goku Grew up but he looks so much like him. Still, despite everything, Gohan can't help this irrepressible urge to see her again, This story follows the future timeline in dragon universe and how the survivours, survive with the threat of the androids. "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STAY IN THE TIME MACHINE!" Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (4), Turles (Dragon Ball)/Original Character(s) (1), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (4), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, androids are not a huge part of the story, Future Trunks Briefs & Future Son Gohan - Freeform, Brief appearance of the Brief grandparents, Trunks Briefs & Supreme Kai of Time | Chronoa, Supreme Kai of Time | Chronoa (Dragon Ball), Happy old couples is the name of the game here, Remember: the future versions are different characters, I don't quite know how to tag this yet I'll get back to you, Vegeta pretty blatantly hates himself but this is hardly a shock, sorry guys he's got a heart to take care of, well it's an optional chapter it's not important to the plot, there's a lot of declarations of love in between, they may be older but they got needs too don't @ me, yes we made it to the wedding too somehow, it's out of order right now but shhh I'll fix it later it's fine, Surprise now bra is going to be born ooooops, there's where irresponsible use of dragonballs comes in, Mirai Trunks | Future Trunks/Original Character(s), Mirai Gohan| Future Gohan/Mirai Videl | Future Videl, Immortal (at least until I think of a better title), Mirai Trunks/Original Female Character(s), Little White Boots (Were Made For Walkin'), i saw this when i typed the a in and its what kiara would have wanted. ). Friends will be made and lost, allies will become enemies and enemies will become allies as the saga of Earth's new Defenders continues to unfold. Hot . *** Being blind wasn't the source. When Future Goten, using his Super Saiyan form, was able to easily overpower both Mecha Frieza and King Cold. I won't be writing that, so don't request it. Son_AviAgreste, LoggyAshlyRD, GrimmKnight98, Lourdes22, LimeBird, queenbri242, Thanatos2018, KillugonsUchiha, SaraDanny, Dark_Kanon, Sophiemass, Dimenticatoprincipessa, Notedbearz, XxHestiaxX, La_cajita_de_pandora, Sonicfanoftheworld05, NotAnEvilMastermind, AlienPirate, Marlett503, Molly_Jackson, Med14, TheWatcher2000, AnimaWolf2000, Olympya123, Igma, ARandomAnonReader, SuyaiNoOuji, Moosenogger, TheKitsune, Harumi_chan8, Mikitela, Renacuajo, Somebodywholikestoread, LadyEmrysXIII, Pabnd, astraescapism, B3astCutt3r, connie22x, zanygemini, Ceci_Rp13, Jael_vargaz_09, vonigner, Javier651, Dga1716P, silver_magiccraft, Lunaxel, Aithusa13, BlueMoon37, Theressa16479, Bibliophile030, and 18 more users Additionally, when fought during the story he lacks the purple shade he possess otherwise. In his childhood, he wore a black shirt with red short sleeved with his name on the chest along with black sweatpants and grey boots. . Theres new androids Trunks has to deal with, but this time hes not fighting alone. When the teenage Goten almost loses someone very close to him, he is unsure of how to handle it. A time traveling boy. Future Trunks Briefs Trunks Briefs Son Goku Future Son Gohan Son Gohan Vegeta . 5 Years aft Basically a story dedicated to the greatest fighters in the universe. "And they won't know who you are? Hey guys what's up it's AblazeMonkee I'm back for another video in today's video we are going to be continuing what if goten was in the future ! The story starts off when Goku tells Trunks and Goten about Gohan and Vegeta dying. By the time we are introduced to the pair of Androids, over three fourths of the world's population has been eliminated due to their spree of destruction. The energy involved in the transformation causes Future Goten's stands with no lose strands and turn a golden color. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Yeah, but it aint our era anymore.. Before jumping into the past, Future Goten had saw the logic in Future Bulma's invention as it could be the key to saving their world, though the former wasn't entirely convinced by the idea as he wasn't entirely convinced that Goku nor Vegeta were the caliber of warrior that was needed to defeat the Androids, showing that despite his logic and he was incredibly overconfident as he still fought against the Androids after hearing, though got thrashed good and hard by the Androids from his timeline even after becoming a Super Saiyan, it was then that he finally decided that to cut his loses and give her idea a try. He bought warnings of a threat in the form of two androids, stronger than the golden form they achieved. When Goku died of the Heart Virus, his only daughter, Rosamoona, was only one. How come you get to see and talk to your dad, and I can't?". Trunks sighs knowing that Goten didn't really understand the importance of the situation. Both had achieved a blue form that they further pushed the limits of. Sign up Log in. "Hey guys, what are you all doing here?" A Stranger Arrives! Future Trunks decides to take him to the future with him, so that he can finally meet his dad who died all those years ago. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. While he was no match for Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, the older Saiyan along with Beerus and Whis are highly impressed with the power Future Goten has. To him, his only family was Gohan, Trunks, and Bulma. Goten also shares the same pinyin name as Master Roshi's pinyin name, as both Goten and Muten in Chinese pinyin are read as "Wutian". romance adventure fanfic +19 more # 16 Dragon Ball Z Trials of a Saiyan by M 30.8K 749 55 He had to know who he was. After finally achieving the Super Saiyan God form and having Old Kai re-unlock his Mystic/Ultimate form he becomes Ultimate God Gohan. Hey guys whats up its AblazeMonkee Im back for another video in todays video we are going to be continuing what if goten was in the future ! The old nemesis of the Emperor resurrected. Zeno: You're in my palace. Videl gave up hope. Trunks asks his friend, who's a lot more like a brother to him. Images that flashed around him. Enjoy..! When it finally does open Goku steps out of it in really weird clothes. This instability drained his ki too fast to be of use for long. With the end of Gas, now he would still see the further adventures of Goku and his friends. He smiled. Goten thinks to himself. He idly watched both Goku and Vegeta at this time. After agreeing to play a game the Zenos made up, Goten must go to different eras to find the Four-Star Dragon Ball. Now he wanted to make his own. In the Dragon Ball Super, Future Goten achieves an extremely powerful enhancement to the Super Saiyan 2 form. In Goten's case, the reading is "Sun Wutian" (, Sn Wtin). All he can see is the colors of their hair and clothes. Summary: Based in Mirai Trunks timeline after he defeated Cell. The realization makes his eyes water, and he starts to wish he never came. Zeno: Right. Future Goten Yuri_Namikaze Summary: What if Goten had actually been born before the Androids killed Chi Chi? They all crowd around the crater blocking his view and ability to see if his father had come out yet. Hey guys this is my first ever what if dragon ball video I really enjoyed making this and would love to do more in this video I go into my what if story of i. Later, when Future Goten arrived in the past Goku and Vegeta assumed that it was Majin Buu who had defeated him. With a gaping interest in events, how he could utterly change time itself; He could collide both present and past! Your favorite DBZ male characters as your lovers. He blushes when he realizes everyone is looking at him. In a world decimated by the androids Videl and Gohan have still found each other. The man simply smirked in return, and retaliating with the effort of hard work and heavy training, any low class could surpass their superiors. The Saiyan race watches the future of the series. Due to this, Goten's name can be read in the same manner of Mandarin/pinyin like with his brother and father's names. How did I get here? 4 yr. ago Divineffej on ffn. Return from Planet Imotep I know a lot of this stuff isn't possible, because Goten wasn't born, Goku didn't stay alive long enough, they can't say that etc. He frowned. broten; feedom; goten +7 more # 4. "Just stay in the damn time machine." His father the greatest fighter ever. The man, after training on a planet of heavy gravity, now faced one of his kin. He gave a swipe of his hand and the images changed to a lush sky, with grass and water on the planet. List of Tertiary Characters in The Forgotten, 1/2 Earthling Human-type Earthling-1/2 Saiyan, Future Grandpa Gohan (Adoptive Great-Grandfather). A tournament held between their universe and another. The granddaughter of the man pleaded for him to come back, to remember her, for he had turned into a monster of uncontrolled rage. This would be the start to his story! Chapter 3: Life of Atihoka The photos and songs here it is, enjoy it when i start doing chapters! etc. Gohan is trying to prove hope still exists. Dragon Ball | Vegeta Raditz | Anime/Manga Romance Love Goku Goten Trunks Bulma Oc Original Character. Unfortunately, theyd taken note of that fact also, meaning his remaining time was dwindling. It is revealed that Future Goten first achieved the form many years of intense training. Just going to have to find out. While vastly stronger than Second Grade, the power output is too intense, causing Goten's muscles to become engorged from the struggle of maintaining this unsteady power boost. All rights and copyrights are held by the respective copyright holders. And beneath it all, the homeworld of a race of warriors and conquerors. While possessing little to no fear of the Androids, Future Goten is not above expressing shock and horror at the introduction of Android 16. Creatures from outer space looking for the best host compatibility to survive on earth Izuku is raised by Nezu after Inko died giving birth and dad couldn't deal with him. When during his first adventure in the present timeline, he is usually seen wearing a vermillion jacket reaching his abdomen with his own kanji on the right sleeve, a white tank-top, black pants with a black belt, grey and black boots, black fingerless gloves, and computerized watch. Something I dont think I would ever do as much as I want to. While in this form, Goten's muscle mass increases slightly and hair stands straight up and spikier with the exception of two locks that hangs down. Chapter Three: Saiyaman Apperas/Combat Training. Had they just gone up to the point of the fated confrontation with the Cerelian? etc. He didnt need any designation of what era or time that the Saiyan race still populated planet Vegeta, he already knew. During his early days of training, even as a Super Saiyan, Future Goten was unable to defeat base Future Roxbes. He was quite thankful his dimensional abode could hide him from ever being detected. Then looked back to the time before, looking back to the time of an old Empire of the Saiyan race. , what happened to matt amadio on jeopardy, 46 defense weakness,

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